Hi everyone,
I now have an interview at the Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine…it's the new osteo school in Blacksburg, VA and is affiliated with Virginia Tech. My interview is this coming Monday.
Has anyone here interviewed there?! (Inquiring minds…)
I'm excited and concerned too. Excited because, holy cow, it's med school! Concerned because the school is still being constructed, they are still hiring faculty, and of course, there's no track record (of board scores, percentage of students who get matched for their residencies, and current students to talk to). OTOH, it's exciting to think about leading the way for other classes. We'll see…It seems like a livable area as far as public schools (for our sons) and career opportunities (for my husband).
I'd love to talk with anyone who has already interviewed at the school…what did you think/feel about the school, etc.
Wish me luck!

I have not, of course, interviewed there. However, I know Dixie Tooke-Rawlins, the Dean of the school, personally. I spoke to her last in Las Vegas where the AOA convention was in Oct 02. Knowing Dixie, I would venture to say that the program is well organized and successfully passing your board exams or the eventual full accreditation of the program will not be a problem. The school has the endorsement & support of a major univeristy, VA Tech, something that some folks cite as a weakness among many private medical schools.

Dave ‘n’ everyone,
Thanks for the post…I’m feeling more excited about the possibility of being in VCOM’s first class! Because the school is just being born, there’s opportunity to help get it going in a positive, functional direction, student-wise that is (i.e. student EC groups, studying, maybe research…we’ll see!).
Also, you’re right that the connections to Virginia Tech are most positive…the other schools in the area are also a big plus. (And they’d be very wise to hire my husband! wink.gif ). Ted and I have already been checking on the public school systems, career opportunities for Ted and homes in the area…all on-line, for now. Looks like Blacksburg could be a good place for our family.
I’ve talked with VCOM’s admissions people twice now…very open and straight-forward in answering my questions, so I’m looking forward to Monday’s interview day. And I was impressed that VCOM hired from Kirksville and have Dixie Tooke-Rawlins as the school’s dean.
Wish me luck!

At UNECOM, we had a sports medicine lecture by a professor who will be at that school. He was an incredible speaker and he has made some connections at UNECOM so that some administrators here are going to help out if any problems develop. I am sorry I don't remember the guy's name, but good luck.

Mary, all I can say is, Blacksburg’s a great place, Virginia Tech in general is the BOMB and so I would only anticipate good things from VCOM.
Get in line now for Hokies football tickets though tongue.gif

Hi Mary,
I work at Virginia Tech as a software developer and I have been very interested in VCOM as well. You know, the whole 'I want to do something different with my life' theme. Anyway, the New River Valley is an excellent place to live and Tech is an outstanding place to work. I believe that you and your family would be very happy here.
If you get a chance, let us know how your interview goes. I would be VERY interested in hearing your impressions on the school, faculty, etc.
Like Dave said, the fact that they hired Dean Tooke-Rawlins is a big plus for their credibility as far as I'm concerned.

if you goto SDN and search for it you'll see that someone by the name of H0mersimpson started a thread on his impressions of the school and the interview.

I liked Dixie and think she'll make it a great school.
Regarding Homer Simpson on SDN…be careful with what he posts. I have not read his post on VCOM, but sometimes, he can be a stirrer-of-the-pot, if ya know what I mean?

Can hardly wait to read of your experience yesterday!! Been thinking mighty hard of you. Virginia will be very lucky to have you.
Sue : )

QUOTE (Sue2 @ Jan 14 2003, 10:21 AM)
Can hardly wait to read of your experience yesterday!! Been thinking mighty hard of you. Virginia will be very lucky to have you.
Sue : )

Sue, Dave, Mary and everyone,
Well...I loved it! In so many ways, it could be "the fit". Let's hope they think so too!
One of the impressive aspects of VCOM that became obvious on Monday is the extreme "let's-cover-all-bases" thinking, planning, building, and recruiting of faculty that has gone into making this school....(IOWs, this school is not being thrown together at the last minute). They've got more than enough rotation sites already signed on, with doctors who are excited about the school and teaching. Accreditation is done (except for the last step that involves graduating the first class).
The school is both wired 'n' wireless. Plans for the labs and libraries are top notch. (I asked about the availability of medical data bases like OVID, Cochran, & Medlines in VCOM's library come August. Answer: "Yes"). As soon as the main building is done, a medical research building will be added...another plus.
The connection to Virginia Tech, the liveability of Blacksburg and the region, and the people I met with...all are positive things to me!
There were six applicants interviewed yesterday...good people to meet. (We probably all looked a little tired from our travels, but everyone was down to earth & had interesting experiences). "The day" went from 0845 to 1500, on the nose. Three 30 minute interviews --- all one on one. Even though I felt a little nervous, those 30 minutes flew by easily. One of my interviews was with Dr. Dixie Tooke-Rawlins and I really enjoyed her. Good presentations about the school, VCOM's mission/plans, financial aid, etc. Good lunch too! smile.gif
Take home message: it's going to be a great school (and hopefully I get to be part of that). They'll let us know very soon and hopefully it'll be a thumb's-up for me. I'll let you/y'all know...

Congratulations on a great interview! Three interviews!! Whew!! Everything sounds so exciting. The first of anything is always so special. So glad you had a good time. With your enthusiasm–I think you will be a wonderful asset to the first class of Edward Via. The problem now is waiting for the letter----what a wonderful problem!
Take care,

QUOTE (Sue2 @ Jan 16 2003, 08:24 AM)
With your enthusiasm--I think you will be a wonderful asset to the first class of Edward Via. The problem now is waiting for the letter----what a wonderful problem!
Take care,

I'm hoping that VCOM comes through! (There are still other schools for me to consider, but this new school is going to be "something else"!)
I did feel nervous and excited, but enjoyed my time there. We'll see!
It would be terrific if you and Linda were just over the hills from us. See you in DC? Take care!