Venting Self Doubt

As I’m studying for what may be the most important test in my life thus far, I’m just so full of self doubt. It probably started when I took NextStep’s diagnostic cold and scored in the upper 480’s. As I’m studying, the thought of, “how the heck am I going to do well on this thing,” just keeps intruding my thoughts. And I know it’s just a diagnostic but even as I study through the books/videos and look at these questions that seem like a foreign language to me (and getting a lot wrong)–it’s just tough. Idk, even though the MCAT is just one part of the entire picture, it’s tough. I’m going to start taking full lengths in Feb. and really hitting the lessons learned journal to reinforce things. I’m going to keep at it and work harder but it’s like moving a boulder up a hill and the hill seems to be at an 89 degree angle.

End of venting. Back to work.