Very Old Pre-Med

Hello Everyone

I feel very blessed to have found old pre-Meds! I’m 49 I’ve been a Paramedic for 15 years and ER RN for 8 years. I was a senior Cosmetologist Since I was 21. I only practice as a RN but keep all licenses up to date. I always wanted to become a physician since I was 8 years old on career day. I was born in Washington DC. I will be starting my pre-requisites this fall at a University. I took chem I&II and Principles of Biology for medicene in 2004. Unfortunately my GPA sucks overall 2.76 from all the “life that took place” I will be starting from scratch Chem I, Physics I, Prin Bio I. I will be working part time. I’m an intermediate Spanish speaker so I take lessons and do home stays in Latin America to nurture that love! I understand it’s an uphill battle. Interesting fact I will have a Study buddy that’s a spouse of 13 years, taking same classes. I’m very committed! I realize science grades need to be on point!

Thanks for letting me share have a glorious weekend ! :)[/font]

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