Very UnHelpful Premed advisor!

Hello everyone,

I am so annoyed today…It has taken me weeks to go see a PreMed advisor at the Univ I am attending.

Basically, the Univ makes it nearly impossible to Post Bac. - getting a 2nd BS degree is not allowed. I already have an MS in Engineering. The only option was to go for a PhD. So I am enrolled as a Post Bac student getting a few pre reqs out of the way to apply to a PhD program.

My story here is that I told the premed advisor this - explained that I did not intend to apply to the PhD program - that I was just trying to get some med school pre reqs done so I could apply to med school. He took my info and then said he was going to have to contact my graduate advisor and share this happy news with him!

UUgh I am so mad! How is this in any way helpful?

SOrry for the rant, it was a bad day. I’m sure when my graduate advisor calls me, it will get worse! Maybe I’ll just get another MS degree! What’s another $30K anyway!

wow, that totally sucks. i’m so sorry to hear that! maybe you should try going to a different school in your area to complete your pre-reqs?

either way, good luck!!

It is a shame that UF has gone too extreme against non-degree seeking students. Every single advising-registrar’s office employee seems to do their best to avoid registering non-degree seeking students.

Sounds like that advisor has another agenda. Well, I suggest trying to get to that graduate professor before he does. You can put a more positive swing on the information. Don’t give up and don’t take no for an answer. There is always a way.

I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. UofF is a great school. All I can say is that it’s strange that they would behave that way. In Kansas and Missouri I’ve had nothing but positivity from the three schools where I’ve been non-degree seeking. The advisors, etc., have been fantastic and totally supportive. They understand that I have no need for yet another degree…and, in a way, they’re doing the med schools service by helping me and others to get prepared. Seriously, what’s the problem with that? Don’t let that person’s ignorance get you down. What you’re doing makes sense to me!

I am so sorry you didn’t get the help you needed. It does seem as if that premed advisor had another agenda on his mind and that sounds like he wants you to pay for more schooling unnecessary to meeting your goal.

Don’t go and throwing your hard earning money at another graduate program that you don’t really need or want. Take a look at other schools, do some research on post bacc or 2nd degree programs. If that school doesn’t offer 2nd degree then you need to go to another school.

I have an undergrad degree in Business Management and none of those classes meets the requirements for med school. Therefore, I have to either do a post bacc, get a 2nd degree in biology or take those required classes at the community college. I find that it is less expensive to take the pre-reqs at the community college.

I’m doing my MBA but I am thinking about just doing a 2nd degree in biology, which will be my 2nd bachelors degree. I don’t want to waste anymore time or money on the MBA because it is delaying my time getting into med school.

I’m confused as well but I have to think logically about what goal is more important to me right now, getting an MBA which does not have any required classes needed for med school or taking those required classes that is going to prepare me for med school. So, I think I’m going to drop out of my MBA program.

Hope I help any.