Volunteer Application

I am attempting to initiate the process of lining up volunteer experiences, shadowing, etc. I’m filling out an online volunteer application with an organization I’ve always wanted to get involved with. It asks why you want to volunteer. Do I need to let them know about my goals in medicine? I’m asking because I don’t fully understand yet how this works, i.e. does my volunteering have to be documented in some way by the organization so it can be submitted with the med school application or presented during interviews? I have definite reasons for wanting to volunteer with this particular group, which I will explain to them, but it also seems disingenuous to say “I need volunteer experience for my medical school application.” I’ve wanted to volunteer with the group for years - striving for medical school is the push I’ve needed to finally do it. I probably wouldn’t mention it to them at all, but if I need something documented… Any advice?

I think you should have some ‘higher’ purpose of volunteering other than checking off one more thing for med school application; Since you’ve always wanted to volunteer for this organization then you should use that to argument your reasons for volunteering.

As far as applying to medical school goes - you do not need to provide ‘written proof’ of your volunteer experience. By signing your application you pledge that it’s true and it’s enough for them.

I asked the hospice volunteer coordinator to write me a letter of recommendation and send it to my pre-med advisor so he could use it in a committee letter. I developed a very good relationship with him, and thought such a letter could improve my LOR. But I didn’t mention in advance that I would be requesting such a letter.