Volunteer question......

This was brought up on a previous post, but I also have significant work experience as a speech-language pathologist in a hospital/nursing-home setting, working closely with doctors, nurses, and all other therapy/staff. I performed bedside swallow evals as well as barium studies with radiologists/techs and ALWAYS had to call doctors to get orders (half the time I had to write them myself). My mother is an M.D. and my father a CRNA and when I go to visit, they are usually pretty good about letting me attend rounds and even shadowing surgeries (the last one I was in on was a laproscopic gallbladder), because they know I am a nerd and love that stuff . Can I count my work experience and my family experience toward volunteer-type activities? How can I work it to make the most out of my situation.
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I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: volunteer experience has at least two purposes, first to demonstrate your interest in service to your community, and second to show that you “know what you’re getting into” and can talk knowledgeably about the world of medicine.
For folks without medical experience, the medical volunteer route is a way to “kill two birds with one stone.” As you’ve discerned, not everyone needs to do this…
You’ve accomplished #2 with your work experience. You do still need to show that community spirit and interest in service, but this can be done in whatever way sparks your interest.