Hi everyone,

the butt-kicking has officially begun with science credits and working all at the same time! I’m pretty sure everyone knows what I mean.

I understand volunteering in a medical setting is required. I am a physical therapist and am/have been in a hospital environment a lot. My college was IN a hospital and we were involved even in the morning rounds with the doctors, being in operating rooms etc. Do you recommend that I still go ahead and opt for an internship?

As always, thanks for helping. Have a successful semester guys!

Actually, volunteering in a hospital or clinical setting is NOT required. Medical schools like to see evidence of altruism (volunteering) and clinical experience. Many people volunteer in a hospital or other clinical setting to kill two birds with one stone, but there is certainly no requirement or expectation that you do so. It sounds to me like you have plenty of clinical experience, so you should feel free to volunteer in something completely unrelated to medicine if that is what interests you.