Volunteering Question

Hi OPM, I hope everybody is having wonderful summer!

I was wondering if my foreign volunteering experience counts towards my future med school application? I volunteered in England back in 2002, and in Belarus in multiple hospitals for a few years.Or, do I need volunteering hours in an American hospital?

Thank you.

That counts. It’s pretty old, but it counts. I’d try to get some updated experiences as well so adcoms know that things have changed (and that you’ve seen an American system).

Good luck!

Thank you Doc Gray,

I work at the hospital here in the US, so that should count as clinical experience. I am trying to complete my prerequisites as part of a bachelor degree and going for 17 credits a semester. I have volunteered at different settingd since highschool up until I came to the States.And I love it. And my dilemma was how to fit volunteering here, job and full time school:). But knowing that I can count those previous experiences makes me feel a little relieved.