Volunteering....where, when, how often

Hi all,

I need your thoughts and insight on this. What are some volunteer ideas? I won’t be starting pre-reqs until spring 2010 but want to start doing some volunteering in the meantime. What are some ideas of places to volunteer, how often, etc.

Also, I’m currently an audiologist and am wondering if trying to do some clinical research at my office would be a good application booster? If so, does anyone know the process for clinical research in a private practice setting? I haven’t done any since grad school and know that I had to go through my schools IRB then.


A big part of what med. schools look at is whether you have clinical experience in a hospital. Having clinical research is also very good, but they want you to see a little blood before you go in.

If you have over a year before apply to med. schools, then maybe an hour or two a week would be plenty. If you have time, it would be better to show a long-term commitment than to got 10 hours a week for just a few months.

I have heard 80 (minimum) to 120 hours is appropriate.

Think in terms of 4hr/week on an ongoing and consistent basis. That’s what’s discussed at admissions conferences. FWIW.