Just wanted to ask a question about volunteering. I have worked in healthcare for >10 years, in a clinical setting. As a matter of fact, I could work PRN/Flex again if I chose to (that may be an option as I continue further with my destiny…) - is it still necessary to volunteer at a hospital, etc.? I have seen it all, from birth to death and have had to deal with many things. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

You will not need any volunteering in a “clinical” setting for you have plenty of insight into that aspect but you will need other altruistic type of volunteering which you probably already have.

Volunteering at a hospital is not the only form of community service that provides exposure to human experience. Your clinical background seems sufficient to show that you’ve been around medical staff, setting, and patients.
An important factor in doing volunteer work is dedication to the community. Since you feel comfortable in the clinical world, you may want to consider other outlets of service.
Here are some examples - Habitat for humanity, children with disability, working with chronically-ill patients (driving them to doc appointments, reading to them/with them, etc…), tutoring at the local library, soup kitchens, Red Cross, homeless shelters, community shelters… There are so many resources you could tap into for volunteer work. Check out United Way’s website for ideas or google volunteer services for your area.

Of course, one shouldn’t view volunteer work as a mere task to check off on a “To Do:” list for medschool (…well, even though some people may do this, there is so much more to gain from the experience if your heart is in it).
Hope this helps.

My volunteering experience has been Boy Scouts and a Hospice Camp. I enjoyed both and gained much. Find something you are interested in. Theres always a need for hospice volunteers. A lot of premed volunteer. Volunteering is another demension of you that showcases your comitment to the community. It could make you stand out when you apply. Good luck Bill.