W on a transcript and other stuff

Hey guys!

I already have a W in Anatomy and physiology 2, and i am thinking about dropping my physics class due to a C.

i am now going to a community college, am already accepted for a university (for premedicine), but my counslor says, if a apply for medschool, i will need the transcript from community college and it will have W’s on it. will the W’s affect my position considerabley?

also, should i drop the class, because my current GPA is 3.0 and i dont think i can afford a C in the class

Additional Details

also i have a B in general chem, and bio 1, and a C in anatomy and physiology in the community college but, i plan to retake them in the University and i am sure i can get A’s in them

Well, if a W affects acceptance I’m screwed then. I have a W for a chem class due to being put on bed rest. Can’t really get to labs when you’re supposed to be resting on your left side lest you end up with a premie.

Honestly, I think (though I’m no expert) the key is providing what they consider reasonable explanations. I’d love to hear from someone who has done it though w/ a W.

Susan, I think anyone would give you a pass for W’s on bed rest. . .

Check out pages 7 and 8 on the 2010 AMCAS Guide . I think you’re in the clear as long as your school considers these to be legitimate W’s and doesn’t treat them as an “F”. My undergrad college used W/P or W/F for withdrawals so they were counted in the GPA. I have found, however, that most other colleges nowadays just ignore the W’s in most situations.

Also, every post-secondary educational experience must be counted using an original transcript from each, regardless of your undergrad “degree-granting” institution. Thus, my foolish attempt to take OChemI/II in summer session at another university will have to be counted even though they didn’t grant my B.S. degree! :’(