W on transcript

I’ve searched the forum and found a lot of helpful info from instances when others have had to deal with W’s on their transcripts (thanks Richard), but I wanted to start a new thread and hopefully get some more input.

I have 2 W’s on my undergrad transcript. The basic situation was that I was a freshman starting a double major and I felt overwhelmed so I was informed that it “wasn’t good” to withdraw from a class, but that it was possible if I wanted to. At that time, I didn’t grasp how really bad it was to get that “W” and that it would follow me forever. I did this once in both my first two semesters of undergrad, so two total until someone finally set me straight.

I certainly wasn’t failing the classes at the time and I recieved A/A- in the other classes that I did complete… I simply did not understand the long-term impact of withdrawing at the time.

That said, any additional advice on how others in similar situations explained this to ADCOMS? I realize it’s in the past and what’s done is done, but I just want to be prepared when it inevitably surfaces.


Sounds to melike you’ve already explained it pretty well.