Waitlist offering admission for NEXT cycle?

I learned during interviews that some schools (including one where I am waitlisted) pull applicants from their waitlist who they don’t have spots for this cycle and offer admissions for next cycle without having to re-apply.

This is making my head spin with about a thousand possibilities - complicated by the fact that I was accepted elsewhere. Provided I’m not offered a class of 2016 spot earlier (which of course I am still hoping for), class of 2017 offers will be extended in “mid July”. That cuts really close to the start date of my accepted program (LECOM-Erie).

So I’m thinking, crap, I need to find a place to live/sign a lease somewhere and I could potentially lose a lot of money on this deal (in addition to my $1500 LECOM deposit). Am I completely out of my mind to be waiting for another school and/or considering entrance for next year?

I am of the opinion you take the acceptance you have but, I went into applying with the idea that I was going to go where ever took me. I was fortunate to have choices, but if the last place I wanted to go was the only one who accepted me I would have taken it. Also if I had gotten an offer like yours I still would have reapplied for the next cycle with a 2017 admission in hand.

That being said we all have different reasons for delaying and I would like to hear your reasons why you are thinking of passing up an admittence this year for the other admittence next year.

First off CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance! In the end I don’t know how much help anyone can be in answering your question, its going to come down to what you want and where you want to be. Crazy? Maybe, but being a non-trad premed isnt exactly considered sane by most anyways!

Not to sound harsh, but holding off on moving forward with an acceptance you have, in the hopes of a later acceptance at another school, seems foolish.

Perhaps this un-named other school has an amazing board prep, or is closer to your family, or has a great reputation. But without any information other than Accepted at LECOM, maybe future accepted elsewhere, I say keep running with plans to move to Erie.

However, having been there, I could understand if your only reason for holding off is because the sky is always grey in Erie.

VCOM is where I’m waitlisted and it was one of my top choices (still is, obviously). So if all I have to do is wait another year to go there, why not? I love their setup for OMM, focus on rural medicine and Appalachian outreach (reasons why it was a top choice orginally) and their anatomy lab rocks. Also, they do have awesome board prep - they bring someone in for an entire block. Plus, between Virginia and Erie I can tell you weather/climate-wise where I’d choose to be!

BUT, there is no guarantee that they will offer me this option. (Of course, there is also the chance that I could get a call any day that there is a spot for me THIS year). I’ve been keeping in touch w/ admissions and I’ve gotten from them that they think I am a well-rounded candidate and they are continually reviewing the waitlist as spots become available.

Bailey, I definitely went in saying I’d go wherever I was accepted, but now I feel like I might have a chance to choose if I factor more time into my decision. I have also been toying with reapplying while I wait but that makes me feel I must be completely off my rocker! I applied late in the cycle, it’s a miracle I was accepted, I should be thankful, take it and run with it, right?

Thanks Roman, I do realize it comes down to personal preferences on this decision, but I appreciate some outside opinions on the situation =)

Pixie, that’s kind of what my “sane” side tells me. I’m sure wherever I end up I will have things I love and things I complain about… in the end I’ll be a doc either way, though.

I guess if it is a place you really want to go and you aren’t worried about waiting a year then I say go for it. One thing I will ask are they going to let you know about a 2017 acceptance before or after school starts, becuase if it is after then I definately say go to LECOM, because adcoms can be all about “loving you” and then drop you like a box of rocks when it doesn’t fit their timing.

It’ll be a close shave on timing… I’d need to be at LECOM July 28 and could get a 2017 offer from VCOM “in July” which is pretty vague. I’m thinking I’ll definitely give it a few weeks to see if I am offered a spot for this year but I can’t wait forever and I’m not totally insane enough to throw away an acceptance with no back-up.

Okay, I undestand. You gotta follw your heart.

Be careful. the worst enemy of good is better. If you have a strong reason to be at VCOM such as family, it may be worth it.

I’d tell your most familiar contact at VCOM you have an acceptance at another school and are hesitant to take it due to a chance at VCOM. This may backfire, but I have a reason.

I have read, frequently on SDN, that schools will look very harshly at a re-applicant who refused an acceptance. Unfortunately, it makes you look undecided about medicine and less than committed. Refusing LECOM could backfire in a reappliaction process at your choice school.

LECOM has three advantages - a freaking amazing gym, consistently high board scores for students and very low student debt load. While some of their rules are unusually strict I can tell you with 100% certainty I would’ve taken their for-sure acceptance over any wishy-washy maybes from any other school. Keep in mind I really, really hated Erie on sight, and wasn’t thrilled about the strictness of the school’s policies.

I advise removing emotion from the equation - when you graduate LECOM you have the same letters before and after your name as you will from VCOM. Be logical.

Agree with PixieSanders, you should go for the course from LECOM id you are on the waitlist of VCOM.

Thanks Pixie, that’s very good advice about removing emotion… I think that’s my biggest issue. And those three positives about LECOM are definitely true!

Old country saying - “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush…”

I can’t thank everyone enough for responding to this. I’m really, really grateful for this forum. I DO need the reality check… Pixie’s comment really made me think (about looking like you’re not serious about medicine if you decline an acceptance and reapply). Besides what that looks like to the adcoms, I realize this IS kind of wishy-washy of me.

I’m arranging time to make a quick trip up to Erie (it was a rare sunny and beautiful day when I interviewed) to check things out again next week.

So if VCOM happens to have a spot for me soon, great! It’s still my top choice. But if not… who cares, I’m still going to med school!

Amidst this whole thought process, I think I forgot to celebrate… hopefully you won’t think I’m being pompous, but:


Seriously. Sent VCOM a letter of intent. Worst case scenario? I’m still going to be a dr.!

Every time I get an email from my school about something (submit your FAFSA, have you completed paperwork X) I yell at my husband “Hey! I’M GONNA BE A DOCTOR SOMEDAY!” so it’s alright to squee on the boards a little.