Time to continue the waiting game! I just received a letter from the University of Iowa stating that I am #26 on the waitlist. They rank all the applicants and make acceptances in order from the list. Anyone have any idea how many usually get in from these lists??

We’re hanging together! I’m waitlisted at my state school (TCOM) and hoping they’ll take me soon so I don’t have to uproot the family and move out of state and pay much, much more in tuition. I feel like that poster with the kitten hanging on to a tree branch entitled “Hang on”. Best of luck to you!

Angie, how big is the class? Can the admissions office tell you how many people have gotten in off the waitlist in past years? Have you posted this question on SDN - since it’s a much bigger group, that might be a good source of additional info.
You have my utmost empathy. Getting waitlisted is definitely a weird emotional experience of “well I guess I’m good enough,” and “waaaah I am not so good that they want me bad.”
when you call, be sure to ask if they will accept additional information (e.g. new grades, latest publication, additional letters of recommendation) to bolster your position. Given that you’re assigned a position, I kinda get the impression that they probably do NOT want more stuff for your file but it is still worth asking. (unless the letter already said don’t bother).

Thanks for your note, Mary! The class size is 140, and I believe around 95 or so are in-state (which would be me). I was hoping you would reply…when I first found OPM, way back when I first started this crazy process, you were on the waitlist. I remember you writing about the long walk to the mailbox. You can imagine my heart sinking this morning as I pulled the skinny little envelope out of my mailbox and read the return address, “University of Iowa, College of Medicine.” After I opened it, I felt that #26 wasn’t bad, but it still doesn’t make any promises.
The school will no longer accept additional information for my file, the list is pretty much written in stone. The letter indicated that they cannot make estimates about how many will get in from the list so I wasn’t sure if I should call and ask?
Good luck to you, Chris, and all others out there who are in this waiting game with me. Iowa updates the list and sends them out every two weeks from now until the class is full. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that 26 ahead of me decline a spot!!!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed here!

Just in case anyone else is wondering…I called Iowa and the number who get in from the list varies greatly from year to year.
2003: 23
2002: 15 (this was a very low year, according to admission office)
2001: 34
These are the numbers from the resident list. Looks like it could go either way for me this year.

Oh MAN this is tough. Angie, remember that this is the number who get in off the waitlist. It doesn’t necessarily mean that is the waitlist number they work down to. As the season goes on, people get pulled off other waitlists and go to other places. So when they start calling people, they may find that their #1 isn’t interested any more but never told them. They may pull in #2, #3 and #4, but then a few weeks pass and when they call #s 5, 6, 7, and 8 - all of those people have gone ahead and taken other acceptances. In other words, in terms of the actual number of people getting in, I think it’s safe to presume that your number is likely to become lower. Does that make sense? I hope so, it’s hard to explain!

I agree with Mary.
When talking to a dean of admissions, she told me they get down right cut-throat at the end. She makes phone calls, if you aren’t there they move on to the next person. So she always said to have all the phone numbers where you can be reached kept updated on your application. I don’t know if your school handles things as ruthlessly as they did, but I would encourage you to make sure all contact info is updated.
Good luck, we will be keeping our fingers crossed.

That sounds really stressful. I would never be w/o my phone!

Hi Angie,
Don’t forget that there is lots of time left in this year’s application cycle. May 15th is a huge movement day for every medical school in this country. You also have to remember that some people on that waitlist may be on other waitlists and may get an acceptance. You can’t really “throw in the towel” until classes start. There will be plenty of shuffling until that time. Sitting on a waitlist may not be great but it sounds pretty hopeful to me. Try not to be too crazy and work on Plan B. It always works out that the more effort you put into your Plan B, the more likely you are not to have to use it.

Anyone else out there that is still waiting to hear about acceptances? I realize that tomorrow is the big May 15 deadline, but it doesn’t make the wait any easier. Currently I am 16 on Iowa’s list and waiting to hear from DMU (interviewed last week). Just looking for company as I wait!!

Never fear…for I am here…with you! The past 3.5 months have been nothing but a big question mark for me and the family. I’ve been accepted at KCOM, however I’m on the waiting list at my state school, TCOM, which is only 20 miles away and $22K cheaper per year in tuition! My situation is a bit precarious and a gamble all in one. Unfortunately, TCOM will not communicate as to where I’m at on the waiting list or even what the liklihood is of me gaining an acceptance. So, I sit here wondering how long I can wait to put the house on the market, when to move, when to quit my job, how to find time to seek housing in K’ville, etc, etc. My luck would be that as I’m pulling the U-Haul into the driveway of my new home in K’ville I would get a phone call from TCOM saying: Congratulations, you’ve been accepted off the waitlist and school starts tomorrow…can you make it? Uuuuuuhhhh no. So, just this week, I’ve decided that I will not subject my family to this scenario and I’ll take my chances that the TCOM waitlist will move. If I’m not accepted at TCOM, then KCOM is where I was meant to be trained and that’s where I will go…by myself unfortunately for the first year. This way, we’re not in a mad scramble to sell the house, get moved, find job for wife, and everybody try and get comfortable in new surroundings. My son will be able to finish his senior year at the same school and my wife can keep her comfy nursing job. It will be tough on us all, especially my two little guys (4 yrs & 6 yrs), but I’m sure we’ll make it through. The marathon starts again!!

I wish they would tell people where they are on the waitlist. I wonder why they don’t. I know what you mean about on your way to Ksville and having them call you from the other school.
I got an acceptance to the Univ of Cincy one week after I signed a contract on my house in Blacksburg. While there are more jobs in Cincinnati, I hated it and didn’t want to live there. I love the rural area of B-burg so I just smiled and moved on. That is what you will have to do if they do contact you late. Just be happy they wanted you and move on to your new life.
I do wish you all luck and I hope everyone on OPM gets in this year!!!

I hear you on the stresses of waiting when home sales and careers are involved. Because of this, I have already decided to defer until next year, no matter where I am accepted. I would be happy at either school, although U of I would be 11k less in tuition per year. Both schools are good and both seemed supportive of students with families. I would also have to move, sell the house, and find a new job for my husband in either case. My choice to defer also has to do with the fact that I will have a baby late July and don’t really see myself being able to put a newborn in daycare.
Despite the fact that I will defer, it doesn’t make waiting any easier. I dread the thought of reapplying and going through another year of waiting! I just need one acceptance in hand!!
I don’t know why more schools don’t handle things like Iowa (sending students their number on the list), although I’m not sure how much it helps. I am in that middle area of the waiting list that says, “well, you have a chance, but it is far from gauranteed.” So, basically, it feels the same as if I had no idea where I stand.
Good luck Chris, and all of those who are still in limbo! Hopefully the next week or two will show some movement on those waiting lists.