Waitlisted-Have to Start Re-applying-Advice Needed

So I actually landed an interview (my only interview allopathic/osteopathic) at LECOM-Erie, loved the school, would love to attend, but applied late and was waitlisted.

Here is my plan while waiting:

I have decided that osteopathic medical school is the right fit for me, so I will only be re-applying to osteo. med. schools…

Stats: MCAT 27L; cGPA 3.15*; bcmp GPA 3.66

  1. Complete primary as soon as AACOMAS opens up (mid-May) with new personal statement.

  2. Re-take MCAT in July (it is really the only thing I can do to improve my application at this point-*a SMP, the only thing I can do to counteract my total GPA since I have like 190 or so undergrad credits, is financially not possible).

    My dilemma/where I need advice:

    Should I mark on my AACOMAS application that I plan to retake the MCAT and risk the schools marking my application as incomplete until September when the MCAT scores are released or not mark it on the application and risk being rejected early for low stats?

    Is September considered late to have everything in by for osteo. med. school?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Other question/observation: I know osteopathic schools are more accepting of career-changers, but I am surprised their median matriculant age is 24, same as allopathic. I have found some schools with slightly older median ages, but does anyone out there know/have experience with osteo. schools that really like older (40+ y/o) applicants.

You said that the reason why you only got one interview is because you applied late. If this is the case, is it worth retaking MCAT?

27 is not awesome, but it’s not awful either. I actually got in with this score into an allopathic med school - but I applied early, and I’m pretty sure the rest of my application was really good.

I’m not sure what average MCAT scores are for DO schools, but I think your score is close to it.

Before you decide to retake the MCAT make sure that you can really improve it - meaning getting at least 30. One point is not going to improve your application all that much.

Before reapplying you should send an update and/ or letter of interest to the school you are waitlisted at. Now + next month or two are really critical. People will have to make up their minds where to go (those who have multiple acceptances) and there will be a lot of movement on the wait lists. This is your chance to convince them that you are the one. And the only way to do it is to stand out, to remind them that you are still waiting and still want to go, and call them to check up on your status etc.

If that fails, ask them what can you do to improve your application, and proceed from there.

But for now, this season is not over yet.

Good luck, Kasia

Thank you madkasia, you are always so supportive. I am in the middle of writing a LOI which I will mail this weekend. I did hear from one osteopathic medical school’s recruiter since my post. After I explained my stats, she suggested (with the caveat that she was not on the admissions committee) retaking the MCAT was not necessary for her school.

I have to totally agree with madkasia. If the reason for the slow response was due to a late application, there is more of a risk of not doing as well or just the same on the MCAT. Send LECOM a sincere letter of interest and intent…until the school year actually starts, you still have an opportunity to be accepted off the waitlist. Good luck! LECOM-Bradenton is my first love and choice (although I’ve a couple of years before I can apply!).