Waitlisted two years in a row


I was just waitlisted at the only school (DO) I have interviewed at this year. Last year I was waitlisted at my state MD, and was never taken off the waitlist, so I find myself in a very similar boat. I don’t want to be repeating the same mistakes from last year.

I have been considering SMPs, as my academic scores are the main thing holding me back. I had an hour long conversation with adcoms from last year, and they told me as much. I have taken 3-4 classes after graduating, but not enough to make a significant change. I am looking at programs with linkages to medical schools.

In my search, I found a program that has quarterly start dates, including starting in April. Since I have not been accepted, I am wanting to start this program, but what happens if I were to be accepted after I start the program? I understand I would lose money, that is not my biggest priority at this point. I want to know if I can. Start or if I will have to wait.

My hope is if I am not accepted for the 2021 cycle, and I start in April, I can apply to the 2022 cycle with some of my masters program grades, and this would help boost my application. My concern is if I do start and get accepted, will there be any problems in “not completing” my masters program?

Any advice is welcome, thank you in advance!

  • Send out a letter of intent if the schools accept them.
  • Reach out to schools for feedback on your application.
  • SMP is great if you have a particularly low GPA.
  • Apply and go to the SMP. If you get off the waitlist, forfeit the money and go to med school
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