Want to apply in my 30s, but have lots of withdrawals from past mental health issues. Doomed?

Hey all,

I graduated with a bachelor’s of science in Computer Science a couple of years ago.

I am hell-bent on becoming a doctor, but because of my past, I fear that my application will automatically be tossed in the trash.

I got a 3.25 cumulative in my computer science degree, but had to withdraw from semesters twice because of mental health issues.

I thought I was in a decent position to do a post-bacc and apply, but after realizing I’ll have to disclose all transcripts, I feel like the ground has crumbled beneath my feet.

Shortly after high-school, I attempted to go to community college a few times, but wound up having once mediocre semester, withdrawing from 2 subsequent semesters, and then taking two classes and getting F’s in a third semester because I had to stop due to mental health.

Fortunately, my mental health issues have been resolved. I am doing better than ever, and my low points are behind me.

I just fear that no matter how good my post-bacc, MCAT, ECs and LOR are, I will be automatically disqualified because nobody will want to take a risk on someone with a past like mine.

Should I give up and find another career?

I don’t have the knowledge of whether or not admissions committees flag something like this or not…but I would say…don’t give up! I am currently a non-traditional student in a post-bacc and I have had two C’s so far…not ideal. But would I say that means I should give up or I’m not worthy? Definitely not. I also struggled with mental health issues in my younger years and I truly believe it only makes you a stronger, more empathetic person. Just my two cents. Good luck!

Thank you for the positivity!