Want to Introduce myself

I have been lurking for about a year. After being a teacher in Waldorf schools for about 20 years I decided to pursue a long held desire to be an osteopath, now that our youngest will be off to college next year. I graduated from Reed College in 1981 and over the past year have taken all of the necessary pre-requisites (including gen chem and bio concentrated into 9 week summer courses) along with Spanish. I did well in my classes and I take the MCAT on Thursday (Aug16th) a little earlier than expected because I couldn’t get a seat for any other date within a 500 mile radius. I have taken two computer based practice exams (scoring 28 each time) and my AACOMAS forms are done. Think good thoughts for me this Thursday. Wish my practice exams had scored higher (verbal was 99% though) but I didn’t have time to study too much. We shall see if that comes back to bite me. The worst that can happen is that I will have to reapply next year. I am enrolled in Anatomy and Physiology and Spanish for the upcoming school year. This seems a long intro but there is a lot going on.

Welcome, Craig, and good luck on the MCAT.

Welcome Craig. You are amongst Kindred spirits here. Good luck on the MCAT. Do not think of it has an impedance, but rather as the key to your entrance.


Welcome, and good luck!