Want to see my daughter?

She's just too damned cute for words!

Howdy Dad!
My, what a cute little girl and a !
Congrats again, Dave!!!
Take care,

Omigosh! She is so cute!! Wow! They grow so fast. I love the matching accessories!!!
Thanks for sharing Dave!!!

awwww, what a cutie! smile.gif

We have another set, one in hot pink w/ multi-colored dots too! We’ll be a wearing them come conference time. I have two fabulous suppliers of hats. Mary B-B has given me several as wonderful gifts…am always getting asked about them in the OR. And, the mother of one of Wendy’s life-long friends is a professional seamstress and she just happened to already make & sell, back in Little Rock, novelty surgical caps – so I have a load of them! The more the merrier!! Hat them dumb ole blue bouffont caps and those paper ones – they simply do tragic things to my hair-do!!


She's adorable! Thanks for sharing with us!

Awww - what a total cutie-pie! She’s beautiful! Pretty big for two months?
I love the outfit too. smile.gif

Dave (and Wendy!)
She is adorable!!! Now…do you have a matching orange outfit to go with your hat??? tongue.gif


Nice duds Dave! Thanks for posting the pic!

Pictures are worth a thousand words, Dave. Thanks for sharing that one!
Miss Dillon is looking more and more like a little doctor everyday, especially in her cute little scrub suit! Can't wait to see the pink one at the conference!

Two months old, and already 'striking a pose'!
Congrats again!
- Tae

I love this picture!!! She's already got her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

What a gorgeous and sweet little girl!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Congratualtions again Dave & Wendy!
Jeff in Seattle

Dave & Wendy -
What a little cutiepie! Can't wait to meet her at the conference ~


Thanks guys! She just gets more gorgeous & lovable by the day! My wife loves to remind her that this is the only time in a lady's life where fat-rolls are cute…and she's got plenty of them! We have two sets of scrubs for her now…& I with matching hats, of course!
See y'all in a couple of weeks! Keep those registrations coming! By the way, if you are registering b/t now & the conference, it would work much much easier if you would use the on-line registration process. If you simply must register by mail, do not use the Saginaw, MI address anymore – I move to New Hampshire this coming Friday & will no lonager have access to that box. You can continue to use the Flint, MI address. But, if using postal mail registration, you should also back yourself up by contacting both DocGeo (Geoff Aumaugher) & TrumpsMom (Linda Wilson) & lewt them know you are coming.