Wanting to quit adderall (desparately need help)

Hi, I’ve been on adderall for almost 2yrs now.
I’m 28yrs old female and I decided to quit this medication not long ago because my overall health was going downhill and I couldn’t tolerate the side effect any more. Currently I’m taking 60-80mg/day almost 3x a week. At the same time I’m also using clonidine and lexapro to alleviate common side effect such as insomnia, irritation, mood-swings, irritation…etc. Even with clonidine, I had sleeping problem so I’ve been taking over-the-counter sleepings (unisom) for 6 months now.
I’m apprehensive about my health, so I want horribly to get off of adderall and tried many times to study without adderall but am having difficult time with it because I get extremely sleepy, lethargic, have no motivation and get depressed. I wanted to see Dr. but I don’t have health insurance and I can’t afford to have one at this time.
The degree to which adderall helping me focus and being motivated is incredible. However, the temptation to ‘bulk up’ on adderall is ever present and it feels good, but I pay the price. I get insomnia or sleepy/tired. It affects the whole week after the high dosage. It is totally a double edged sword. I was wondering if anyone in this forum could suggest good regimen with regard to tapering off adderall.
Thank you

Fundee, I’m sorry, but no one is going to give you anonymous internet advice about such a difficult and important health issue. Regardless of your insurance situation, you simply must have a good thorough exam from a doctor and receive guidance that is specific to your health and situation. There is no other safe way to proceed.

Can you call the doc who prescribed the Adderall? Or write ahead. Let him/her know you can’t affort an office visit and see if they can write you a withdrawal schedule. Or see if you can get one office visit and arrange payment over time. Even offices that have big signs that say payment is due at time of service will often accommodate you if you arrange it in advance.
Your doctor may be able to switch you to a different drug (my nephew has been on several, all with different benefits), and some drug companies have programs to give out free or heavily discounted meds to people with demonstrated financial need. I’m mentioning this because I don’t know how bad your financial situation is.
Don’t sell yourself short–it may be possible for you to get the care you need, with the funds you have.

As the above wise posters have pointed out - this is a situation that mandates a knowledgable physician’s oversight. Without examining you & knowing your situation, any medical plan/advice offered would be foolhardy.
In addition to the options pointed out above, you may wish to consider applying to public assistance - Medicaid - situations like you describe is what this program was founded to address. Take advantage of your resources.
Your situation is beyond home remedies & self-medication. Seek professional assistance for your own sake.

Thanks everyone anyway. I just felt I desparately needed help because I just didn’t feel NORMAL anymore.
Never been like this before.(weird dreams such as vivid nightmares, personality fluctuation, insomnia, constant tics, back problem, urination issue -maybe my kidney went wrong)…etc.
I’ll try to contact my old physician.

You definitely need to see a doc about this. You might ask about Strattera and see if it would work better for you. Your doc could get a good history from you and make that determination. If your current medication has helped your focus to study, a change during school might make things more difficult. Good luck.