War of the Worlds

So today, June 30, was my last day as an intern. I got finished with work a little early - signed out before 3 pm - and talked my husband into leaving work early too (he’d been at work since 6am, so it seemed only fair), and we celebrated both of us living through the past year by going to see War of the Worlds.
Holy freaking cow. I feel like I was beat up. It was absolutely incredible, a VERY scary and intense movie. It pulled hard at me because of the vulnerable children and the strained parent-child relationships. For that reason and because I’m a sap at movies, I actually cried several times during the movie and I certainly didn’t expect that at all - I thought it was just going to be a well-done adventure flick. It was way, way more than that. Two hours later I am still sort of dazed.
We still haven’t seen Revenge of the Sith but I am glad we did WOTW first. Definitely see it - oh, and definitely go for the biggest screen and the Dolby SurroundSound, for sure.

Were you disappointed by the ending? That seems to be the only complaint I have been reading about. I am looking forward to seeing it - hopefully on a big screen somewhere.
Congrats on the PGY-2!!!

Well… yes, the ending was certainly anti-climactic. On the other hand I am not sure I could’ve stood much more excitement.

If you’ve seen WOTW, then Revenge of the Sith won’t be too much for you. It was pretty low key IMHO

Yeah, the beginning how the aliens started getting rid of people was really freaky for me. Plus how they fertilized the red weed. I don’t want to give too much away here, but my goodness! I haven’t seen a movie in a long time that keeps me scared out of the theater!

I finally made it and saw ‘War of the worlds’ in a dollar theatre. And I didn’t like it. I usually love stuff like this, but this movie was such a disappointment to me. Maybe I waited to long before I went to see it?
Only the special effect made the trip to the movie theatre worth it. It wouldn’t be the same to see it on TV…

ya, I too was disappointed in this flick. If it was not for the special effects it would have been a dud - the original movie just had so much more to offer. The special effects of the old movie is not up to today’s standards, but it was a much more people type film and I thought there was a lot more to the story. Glad I waited until this one came to the $2 theater.