The White House has announced that the war has started.

QUOTE (Calvin -- in a box by the river @ Mar 19 2003, 09:55 PM)
The White House has announced that the war has started.

Hi there,
I won the poll at the hospital for predicting the date and time that the new campaign would start. I had a couple of hints though because my best friend in medical school served in Operation Desert Storm. She graduated from West Point and went reserve as a Major. She finished medical school with me and headed into a military residency in General Surgery at Eisenhower Army Medical Center in Augusta, GA. Before she attended medical school, she was a Operations and Logistics specialist at the Pentagon. She is fluent in Arabic and Farsi so I knew that things were going full tilt when she told me that she was pulled from her residency.
I am fully behind my friend and the folks who are serving in Iraq. I will do everything that I can to assist in their efforts and make sure that they come home safely. Beginning April 1st, I start a two-month stint at the Veterans Hospital in Salem, VA. I hope that I don't have any folks from this campaign but I will do my best to give them the best surgical care that I can perform.
My father served in two wars, my uncle was a batallion surgeon in the Korean War (he was the real M.A.S.H. doc), my cousin was a flight surgeon in the Navy, my fiance ran a nuclear power plant on the aircraft carrier Lexington, my fiance's great, great, great uncle was a surgeon in the Civil War and was killed at the Cedar Creek Campaign. We have a long legacy of proud service to the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines so I wish our troops a triumphant and swift end to this campaign. May they find and bring that coward Saddam Hussein to justice and come home to their families soon.
God-Speed to Rachel as she has been deployed and to Judy M's husband who was one of the first wounded in Afghanistan and is still recovering. I am very proud of our fighting women and men who have the courage to defend the freedoms that I enjoy today.