Was too much damage done to be a physician?

Hi everyone,

My name is Steven. I have long had the desire to become a physician but, as with many here, life happened and curtailed my academic success. I have had to deal with many years of mental illnesses (severe depression & anxiety and schizoaffective disorder) which made college very difficult for me. I left with an embarrassing 2.02 GPA. :oops:

That was several years ago. Now, I have got my conditions well under control and am nearing completion of a second bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. Thus far I have pulled all A’s! I know that an MD school will look at all former grades, but do you think that I stand a chance becoming a physician, given the bad background. Even though the circumstances were beyond my control, I still accept that the admissions staff have to be selective.

Thanks you for your input.

If you’ve reinvented yourself such that you can get all A’s in biochem, I think you have a pretty good chance. They’ll see all of your grades, but having a solid streak in your 2nd program will look pretty good. Expect to be asked about the turnaround on essays/interviews.

Thanks for the advice, Kenny!

It’s good to know that there is hope. I’ve worked (and continue to do so) so diligently to make this dream come true.