Washington, DC area meet and greet

I know there are a number of us in the DC area so…
Are there any nights that are esp. good or bad? I propose we have a gathering somewhere (metro accessible) in the next few weeks to say hello and I think some Gtown post bacs would be intested in meeting you.
Let me know what you all think.

Early to mid Feb works well for me (then I get into my next exam cycle). Any day of the week is fine.
Hope to see everyone again,

I’m game to try - but can’t ever promise, it just depends on my rotation and what’s going on. I would vote against Saturday or Sunday nights just because I’m a lot more likely to attend something in the city if I’m already there; coming BACK in on my days off is not as likely. (I live beyond Tysons and am currently commuting to Wash. Hosp. Ctr so I am getting enough time in the car 5 days a week, thanks very much.)
But I am probably at best a 50% chance of making it, so would rather that my “vote” not count for too much. It would sure be fun to see folks, though.

Please let me know as well because I am also in the area.

I am going to go out on a limb and suggest Wednesday 4 Feb. It’s soon but we can always have more. How about 6:30ish at the Capitol Lounge. It’s on Cap Hill (Mary, it’s prettt easy to get to from WHC) – 200 block. We can all meet downstairs – should be more low key there and then.
I’ll be there for sure. I am about 5’6", long reddish blond hair, blue eyes, I’ll be all in black and will have on my Guinness hat.

Hi Tara, wow it’s cool that you are at UMSOM . I am also at Baltimore … Great city in some aspects … It would be great if you can give me some advice on med schools in Maryland along with Mary . She gave me a very helpful reply on my first post. I am also going into the Air Force and planning to be commissioned at graduation (which is in 1-2 years … depends ) then med school. I will post my questions and concerns at the old predmeds discussion. Thank you all trailblazers for your guidance and support.

I should be there on the 4th since we will be at the start of a new block. Nax, hopefully you can make it can we can chat in person.

Oh, it will be great to see everyone again! Is it metro accessible (for the driving-impaired like myself) and if so what’s the metro stop? Thanks.