water....someone please....water

For the last 3 weeks I have been testing. I have had 4 exams so far and tomorrow is what we call our Module. Basically, 1 day, 1 subject, 3 exams.

Cardiology, Cardiovascular Pharmacology, cardiovascular pathology.


Hang in there, Gabe. We can always call CPR if it becomes necessary!!

I think you’ll do fine; and cardio- stuff is one of the best preps for COMLEX!

Well it is done. However, I felt that I knew nothing.

There are more exams to prepare for.


I totally know the feeling when you study until you cannot take it any more and you go to the exam and it seems you don’t know anything. Usually though, at least in my case, I ended up doing OK… I wish I was more comfortable with my knowledge and applying it; I’d like to be able to feel good about myself when I actually did decent at the exam. On the other hand, it happened few times that I felt quite good about the exam, and it turned out that… it didn’t go as well as I thought…

I wonder if at some point of our medical-student career we develop this level of comfort and judgement


thanks Kasia. My mom gave me real funny advice last night. She said to go home, rest, and drink.

I did exactly what my mommy told me.

OK. Here are the results:

Pharm: Pass

Path: High Pass

Medicine: It looks like a pass. According to my calculations, I missed a pass on the exam by less than a point. However, the final grade is calculated by the addition of a small group and online cases. Out of those 10 point, I should have about an 8. So I passed the module. Now of course, there are a bagillion challenges to the exam. So I may even increase my grades from there.

On another note. I noticed that the COMLEX schedule was up (Yikes) and I have a very, very important question to ask you all:

My 10 year wedding anniversary is on June 6th. I can take COMLEX before my anniversary or after. I was thinking about taking it the day before my anniversary so that I can enjoy this special occasion without any distractions. Then again, that means less time to study. What do you suggest? Before Anniversary or After? (Now if you remember my wife, she is small…but she is a spitfire. Especially when it comes to this Anniversary. My Student Academic Rep is working with me on this too)

I think it’s incredibly sweet that you are remebering your anniversary and thinking of your wife’s feelings so many months ahead of time. Study extra right now, over the holidays, etc., take the exam before the anniversary, and really celebrate with your wife. JMO (I haven’t even taken the MCAT yet, so what do I know?..) She’s by your side, helping raise your family, etc., while you’re in med school, so I say she deserves a serious party whenever you can give it to her.

Gabe, depending on what kind of schedule you work out for studying, I see no reason why you couldn’t still enjoy your anniversary and take the COMLEX afterward, depending on when afterward you are talking about. If you’re talking about taking it early the next week, it may be difficult to put it out of your mind and enjoy your anniversay. On the other hand, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking an entire day off from studying after a few hard weeks of studying and close to exam date to kind of clear your mind and recharge your batteries. I think you might find that you can go back into the last few day push with renewed energy after a day off.

Do whatever study plan works for you and don’t let yourself be made to feel guilty about taking a day off by listening to those who claim to have studied 10, 12, 14 hours a day, seven days a week, for 6 weeks. First of all, they probably really didn’t study that much, and second of all, I doubt it was all high quality study time.

It will depend on your personality, too. If you know that you are the type of person who won’t really be able to let go of board study for a day and enjoy your anniversary, then that has to play a consideration, too.

Well, I passed Cardiology but just barely. We have about 20 questions that we are challenging so hopefully, if he is nice enough to accept some of the challenges my grade can go up.

So right now, I have to prepare for my pulmonary module. Wish me luck.

In addition, after speaking with a few people, reading your advice, and seeing when 3rd year orientation is going to be I decided to take the COMLEX on June 5th, right before my anniversary and just get it over with.

Thanks everyone for your input.