We are everywhere

After much debate, delay, and indecision I finally started my prereqs at a local state 4 year college. With this particular school’s so-so reputation and no formal post-bacc, I nearly jumped to a one of the local private “good” schools with formal post-bacc (and 3 to 4 times the cost) but held to my original idea and went forward with Bio w/lab, General Chem w/lab, and a health policy course for my own benefit.
I expected to be surrounded by 18 year old freshman and, at 44, be looked at as the old coot in back of the class. I am nearly shocked to say that a large percentage of the class, perhaps even the majority, particularly in Chem, are NON-TRADS of some form or another! There are several formerly full time Moms who youngest is finally off to school and are going for seconary education degrees, a pre-vet who has been dog trainer for 10 years, and the OLD PRE-MEDS. My lab partner is 32 y/o professional photograher. Even today we had a late add of 25 y/o with an IT degree who is now working in a hospital pathology lab and who wants to be a doc!
After such tension I put myself through just prior to the semester wondering if I made the right choice in schools I find that I in the land of my people, namely non-trads. Not only does it make this school the right place for me, it just shows that us in OPM are just a tip of an iceberg! We are everywhere!

That’s really cool to hear…
When do you take your classes? Mine are during the day and unfortunatelly I can’t share your enthusiasm…Being 25, I’m definitelly one of the oldest there (but I do realize that most of the non-trads would come in the evening).
For the first time in my life I really feel old…(although I know I am not). But how can I feel when few kids asked me if I’m really married (when they saw my wedding ring)?


…But how can I feel when few kids asked me if I’m really married (when they saw my wedding ring)?

Amused. My study group was reviewing the history of the classification system, and when we went through the five kingdom system, I took great delight in pointing out that that was the system I was taught in high school. It turned out none of my study buddies was born yet when I graduated in 1981.
I think they were amazed someone my age would want to go to school again. They were great study partners, just the same.

I am taking my classes during the day, normal school hours and still there are all these non-trads. The school is small (3000 or so) and small classes (maybe 40 in my Bio and Chem, though seems to be losing people at a prodigious rate). Even with all the non-trads, I am also “hanging” with some of the what I would have called “teenie boppers” in a different time. I had much of this material and lab experience from my previous degree, back when leisure suits were still in style, so I have beeen tutoring some of the younger and older folks as the prof is expecting the students to really do the work and read the book before class. I have introduced myself by asking everyone their age and then usually stating I am old enough to be your father. That and my wedding band seem to make no difference to anyone. I feel that I fit in well.
I also know that I am getting old when the thing I notice on the young women is how several have shoes that PERFECTLY matched the color of something else on their clothing. That and the girl in front of me who had brightly dyed red hair, a bright red sweat shirt, and bright red sneakers. It was so bright I though I would have to put on my sun glasses to see .
I will have to admit that I did have one moment of inappropriate thought when the above mentioned girl was sitting and taking notes sitting in a cramped student desk and had her legs so effortlessly thrown over the desk. Ah, what we could before bad backs of middle age set in.

Yep, like a bad smell - we old farts just won’t go away! Even at UTDallas, a pretty competitive UGrad & definitely not known as a non-trad mecca, I found a few other cronies waltzing around. Course, mostly I identified with my profs…but that is another story.
Congrats on starting! It’s a long road; so make absolutely certain that you take the time you need to do your best & savor the priviledge of being there. Enjoy the ride!

I’m at a 4-year school too (UNCG) taking classes during the day with mostly traditional students but there are a few non-trads in my classes. But, most of my classmates are about 10 years younger than I am so I feel ancient even though there’s not that much of an age gap. I look young enough to “pass” for one of them and they’re always surprised to learn I’m almost 30.