We are so fragile

I am saddened and moved by a tragedy which has happened in my community. This weekend during an area triathlon, a young man died during the competition. Apparently of heart failure; several docs were at the scene giving CPR within seconds and a defibrillator was unable to revive him.
He was 34.
He was a gentle father to two beautiful little girls.
He was a husband to his loving wife.
He was a medical student following his dream.
He served on a committee with me. We often saw each other with our children around town, especially at the pool. I was always struck with the joy and tenderness he showed towards his daughters. He loved being their dad.
He carried himself with an air of quiet confidence and had chosen the difficult path of a dual degree- MA/DO.
And now he is gone. His little girls…I just keep thinking of them and how important I am to my children. And I sorrow for his wife. I am saddened by their immense loss.
In my usual way, I struggle to find a lesson from this horrible event. And I am left with several thoughts-
Cherish each moment with your husband, wife, children. Make sure they know they are loved.
Make plans so that if something like this happens, they have fewer things to worry about (wills, life insurance, etc).
Don’t leave this world not having tried to follow your dreams.

anything i think to say sounds insensitive and does not convey what i feel.
your thoughts sum things up perfectly.
his poor family…

I second the worries that anything I would say.
That is very sad.
I am watching a show on the Twin Towers and what caused them to collapse (specifically) and that makes me think the same thing.
And thank you to all of you for always being there to listen. Having a group like you, who understand what this thing I am trying to do feels like, means more than I can tell you.