Week II of Physics I

I just figger, since all of you are helping me SO MUCH…I will report on progress, and also, hopefully, help someone else who is struggling as I do.

Thursday night, I went over and over what little I could put together by myself on Vectors. Did the homework problems again, but got them all wrong after 4 tries the first time…so I calmed down and really tried to not do them the same way, still came up with wrong answers. (How on earth, using calculator, do you get 5 wrong answers for the same question??) I don’t know. At this point I surrendered. I said a Novena to the patron saint of medical students, and decided to just get some shut-eye.

Took my quiz, and as the TA was handing out the quizzes, handed him my disability letter. There were 2 questions. Everyone got up and was done in about 5 minutes. I sat there anxious, and confused. The first question was easy, and I am sure I got it. I drew the vectors for the second question, and the angles, and then proceeded to work the problem for the first part of the question twice, thinking I was working the second part of the question, the second time. Gave up and just handed in the quiz. I told the TA openly that I was sure I messed up the second question totally and I am trying to find a tutor who will work with me weekends and evenings, since I can’t be on campus when everyone else is since I am at work. He just looked at me, and said, “I will work with you…email me.” Thank you Dr. Jose’ Gregorio Hernandez!!! Then when I got home, there was a whole LIST of tutors in my email box from the disability office!! When the blessings come, they come in multitudes!!Then, my SO and I found a 2011 Macbook Pro,clean drive, 2 years of Applecare left on it, and over 200 downloaded pieces of USEFUL software. And it is the 8gig. It was a screaming deal. Put down a deposit and will pick up next week. AND…the book on Trig arrived in the mail…THANK YOU Carrieliz!!! Took the rest of Friday off ( no physics). BAck to the grind today. So, one bombed quiz, so what??All my prayers have been answered. My goal is to ACE the midterm. Thank YOU OPM!!!

Such positive news! I am sitting here smiling wide for you. I know you will succeed. I am a firm believer in putting things “out there”; let the Universe know your intentions and it may just conspire to help you. I have had some very odd moments that have confirmed for me that the universe IS conspiring to get me into medical school. It sounds like it’s conspiring for you, too, Vicki, and I’m so happy for you. You’re right, too, one bombed quiz? So, what? I did pretty awful on one physics exam this summer, but still managed to pull off an A. It can be done. Perservere! Here, here, patron saint of medical students!