Week IV Physics

At this point, I am sitting here with my new Macbook Pro,wondering what I shelled out the money for. Tuesday I had some cystitis “twinges”. Wednesday, a full blown UTI. Tried to do an e-visit with my doc, did not get antibiotics, and went to urgent care in the complex she works in. Got antibiotics and submitted urine for a culture. Thursday, sicker yet. Finally had to call in to work on Friday. Went to my PCP and now I have pyleonephritis - apparently a resistant strain. She chose to treat at home and sent me home with anit-nausea meds and a new antibiotic. Could not keep anything down, even water, ended up in ER, very dehydrated. Needed IV fluids, antibiotics,anti-nausea meds. Reconstited and came home to try to continue with fluids and chicken soup. Slept a lot, all in between. What does all this mean? Tutor no-showed on Tuesday, handed in incomplete lab on Thursday, missed class and a quiz on Friday. At this point am despondent about my grade and wondering how I will ever become a doctor with this pre-req. How low can you go in a grade and still be “med school material”. Nothing I can do at this point but lay in bed and keep reviewing the text with the laptop and try to make class on Monday even though I am not even supposed to go to work.

Most universities will make reasonable accommodations for documented illness. I would talk to your professor, but you could also talk with the disability services office.

Hang in there.

That sounds terrible!

I don’t know many people who have had a rougher go of things. If you can end up with C’s in physics I think the story you have to tell about why you got that grade, your life experiences, and your drive will get you noticed by committees.

Feel better

I don’t have any great advice, I just wanted to say I’m sorry you are having such a tough time. I hope you feel better soon.

Health is definitely the major issue, more than physics, so make sure that is your priority. Personal statements give an opportunity to explain situations.

Now as for Physics, I can’t really speak to your problems, but one thing that worked for me is simply studying on my own. Reviewing the textbook is great but make sure to do as many problems at the end of chapters as you can. Of course don’t waste time on the stuff you know how to do. Read the exercise and any that seems challenging or too hard, you should do.

I hardly attended lectures, mainly labs, and still was able to pull it off. So it is not impossible.

Oh, and try Khanacademy, it helps with concept understanding. But I insist that without exercise practice (and heavy on that), it will do no good to simply review the material.