Weird question...

Okay, I thought I was “done” entering my courses into TMDSAS, but I have a question now.
Let’s say you got to School #1 (junior college) for 2 Years (all A’s… Yea!!).
Then, you go to School #2 (four year college) for 2 years to finish your degree.
Since the application instructions say, “Enter EXACTLY As it appears on all your transcripts…” Does that mean I enter all the #1 school classes into it, then I re-enter many of those Same clases under school #2 because they where accepted as transfer credit and are applied toward my degree (another words, they’re listed on school #2’s transcript as well)???
(Hope I’m explaining this right?)
Thanks, DcK

That's a good question. I don't know what the TMDSAS application looks like, but for AMCAS, the answer is NO. You took the course once and earned a grade for it, at the junior college. The courses are listed on the 4-year transcript in order to indicate that you transferred those credits; however, you didn't earn the grades at the 4-year school.
If you took a course once for a grade, you should only be listing it once on an application, whether it's TMDSAS, AACOMAS or AMCAS.
Hope this helps.

Thanks Mary. That’s how I’ve done it, just wanted to make sure because the instruction says “exactly as appears on transcript” biggrin.gif
Although, if I did include it again, that’d take my gpa to like 3.9… which would be nice.