Weirdest Dream

I guess I’ve been stressing over paying for all of this when the time comes because I dreamt last night I up and joing the Army for the G.I. Bill. The odd thing was I was sent home wearing a marines dress uniform instead of Army and still hadn’t applied to med school yet. lol

YIKES… the GI Bill is amazing. A friend of mine is using hers to get a BSN starting this fall!!

Maybe you are meant to be a soldier… atleast you were human… If I had that dream I would probably have been a martian soldier with googlee eyes or something crazy like that!!


Haha. I’m not adverse to the idea. I keep tossing it around. Born and bred army brat here, but the idea of being deployed away from my kids for a year or more where I could be killed scares the bejeebuz outta me.

Ive been having weird dreams too. The other night I had a dream I was fighting a fire and in order to put the fire out I had to find the right angles in the flames so I could find the length of the sides with sine and know how much water to apply.

When my alarm went off that morning I thought it said y=7…As if I don’t get enough math while I’m awake I have to dream about it too…

You might want to check that out. My husband was an army medic in the Iraq war while it was still a war, and he deployed with a surgical team. The surgeons with his team only deployed for 3 months at a time. I don’t know if that’s a perk that’s just for surgeons, just for reservists, or what, but it may be worth looking into.

Iraq war was completely different than what is going on now. They have extended ALL tours of duty so with Army generally doing 9-13 months some guys are ending up over there 18 mos, coming home and redeploying immediately to Afghanistan. It’s crazy what they are doing to our military right now.