Well Guess I'm late to post from UK

Well, we landed in England 12-14-04 and what a crazy time ahead.

Picked up our car and 12 bags of luggage later my wife, 12 year old son and I were lost in Luton for a few hours. While on the trail to our hotel the car had a flat but $130 and a tire later we found the hotel.

We proceeded to dinner and then crashed. The next day my wife and I went to go to the local mall for some shopping when we made a wrong turn and stopped behind a bus. We were about 1 car length behind the bus, but the stopped bus then decided to back up! Yes back up right into our car. Oh no but I had insurance and it was his fault right? Right, we reported the accident right away to both the credit card and the car rental agency. Okay we were able to get a 1 bedroom flat for about 450 pounds (about $890 US at the time ) a month. When I went to return the car we chatted and then the rental car agent said he now wanted 1500 pounds! What I had insurance!?? He said yes he knew I had insurance but that takes time and they need thier money now. I would be reimbersed later.

I thought so, this isn’t right. Well my credit card wouldn’t let the charge through at the time but the guy said he would run it agian later and it would be an over charge on my account. I called VISA and they killed the card and would send me a new one, customer service said that was wrong of the merchant to try to over charge the account due to the accident since the insurance was going to cover the repair and I may not be at fault anyway. Well I’m still working with this and have another report to do for the accident, I already did one on line. I have seen Kathy a few times and she is doing fine.It was awesome of her to have us over on Christmas day. My son and hers are getting along great. My son has been a loner for the past 6 months and is adjusting to a new friend. They are about the same age and have the same interests except my son is not as interested in girls as much as Kathy’s is.

First day at St. Chris was a trip. I left without knowing what classes I would take. Now after day 2 I found out I will finish my pre med

enough by Dec 05 to start Basic sciences by Jan 06! I have to work hard but it will be worth it.

Mercy sakes, what a welcome to your new situation. I sure hope things get better from here for you and your family. All my best to you with your schooling and getting adjusted with the new living experience.
Have fun and enjoy.
Amy B

Thanks Amy. I’m really enjoying the opportunity to go to Med school.
I’ve met Joe and Kathy and they are both great! I have dove right into Physics and have already spent long hours studying and reviewing my math. WOW. I keep looking at my goal. If I can be successful I will be MS1 in Jan 06! That would make my hard work more than worth it.
I’ve placed about 70% of “Premed” done here. They consider all 6yr students medical students. But I can’t wait till Physics is behind me!, My son is getting along great with Kathy’s son Adam. He looks forward to getting together with him. He doesn’t start school till Feb 7th due to needing to meet with the Headmaster at the school. I won’t be able to go because I have exams that day. Well got to get back to studying.

Not only are Adam and Matt getting along, they are so funny when they get together playing video games and eating me out of house and home!! I try not to inflict Adam on Bill and his wife too much but its cool. Hanna is having fun with Joe’s daughter and is in the same class as one of his boys, so she’s happy and looks SO CUTE in her little uniform!! The funniest thing (to me and those who know me and what I look like) is this guy in my class keeps hitting on me. Its hysterical because he is dropping all those lines I’ve only heard on TV. What a character. Mo is back in a little over a week, so I’ll have a break from the house side of things. The biggest problem for me this week, was the friend of mine who also came here to school (and was our roommate) couldn’t handle being away from home (age 23) and left this morning back to Dallas!! That means the rent is all on us for six months and we’ll have to move at the end of the lease to a cheaper place, maybe a one bedroom like Bill’s for the four of us!! (Which is still close to $900) Yikes.

Kathy, sorry to read about the room mate leaving. The thing is Kathy pays 200 pounds a month more than me and the Flat is not that much bigger! Her rent seems to be the going rate in the area.
I told Kathy today to send Admam on over! My son has been spending too much time on his computer and has been able to schedule the Simpsons so he watches it 3 times a day DOH! Well gotta go and study. Cheers.

Too funny Bill!! Maybe I SHOULDN’T get a TV for the kids after all!! Adam is going crazy because I won’t let him use my computer anymore. Now he’s walking to the Town Centre and bugging the guys at the gaming store every day, as well as taking advance of the next door business to buy a mombo size order of fries!! I’m up to my EARS in the brachial plexus!!!

OOOO they go up that far, Well I guess in 1st sem they do.
It’s official I HATE PHYSICS. when I’m ever going to worry about a ball rolling off a cliff? When I ask.

BTW, Adam has called but Matthew stays up till 2-3am
I have tried to get him out with Adam, Maybe Adam should show up and get Mathew’s butt up. (instead of Matthew’s Butt facing up)

Too funny. I can’t wait until BOTH of them are in school!!

Yea, we’re making him go to bed at 12mid tonight and up at 9:40am.
BTW I’m up at 7:30a to study for school. He’s had over 60days off from school due to the move here. Time to pay the piper for Matthew!
Cheers. Bill

You know, its a bit weird that I read your emails more than see you, especially when you guys live less than a mile from us…hmm, I guess its the schedules.

Yea, I’ve been hiding out studying a lot. We’ll have you and your family over for dinner after your “Black Monday”.