Well, I called the only University near me

And am scared shitless (am I allowed to cuss here?)

Their classes start in a week exactly, but said they could get me in if everything check out by then? I’d have to rebuy my bio and chem books if they aren’t the same. No big deal I suppose. I would need to find new daycare for the baby. I’m told there’s one nearby which would be a plus. They require an internship and senior project (which I may or may not be exempt from but would look excellent on an application since they are research based and some are w/ the local hospitals). I’m all jittery and excited and terrified at the same time. I think it’s the fear of “what if this really is harder than comm coll in spite of me acing the ACS exam according to the national standards”?

Can I make a school switch that fast?

I don’t know. I do know I’m a bundle of ACK! right now.

Even if it is harder than community college, it is probably not harder than medical school.

It sounds like you are cutting it close, but only you can gauge if you are ready or not. Make sure you are ready, since grades are important. It takes a lot of work to make a 4.0, even when taking basic requirements and liberal arts BS.

I would suggest that you call the AdCom office at PCOM and ask them if they are familiar with this college’s program. Before you go jumping into this, you need to know more about the program. Quite honestly I was immediately suspicious when you said that they told you they could take you at this late date. That smells fishy to me - like they are a little desperate for business. If they are, then they are going to tell you that they’ll work with you, it’ll work out well, sure they have day care and great advising and a 100% rate of acceptance into med school yadda yadda yadda…

and only later when the dust settles will you find out that there is a “yes, but” for all those statements.

Don’t make a hasty decision. Slow and steady wins this race.


Thanks guys, it does have me scouring the web right now though. I will give another call to PCOM tomorrow. They do not have in house daycare, so that would be on my own. It is a newer college so I’m sure they are desperate. The city took a huge risk with this program, but it’s strictly science related so that’s a plus.

I was also looking at Hershey Medical and noticed a link for undergrad studies but nothing was there that would go into further detail. Hershey is associated with Penn State. Is anyone familiar with them? I know the actual medical school is excellent, but up until today I’ve not seen anything related to undergrad studies.