Well, I'm going

After a roller coaster ride this summer, I’m going to England and St. Christopher’s. I found it very hard to get priviate financing for school. Both Key and Terri are very tough in lending. You need near perfect credit. I was able to get a Key
medachiever loan after a lot of work on my credit report.
I still have my house to sell and 1 car but that will happen soon. My house has been on the market (a Tough Atlanta Market) for about 5 months now. I just want to break even.
Well I’ll visit the boards more often now and thank you for everything in the past.
P.S. Hi Kathy, see ya in Luton.

Congratulations! That’s certainly good news, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it there on the other end of the pond. I spent this summer flying freighters back and forth from Europe to the US. It’s different, but very nice.
I think I’d miss Saturdays during college football season though.