What a glorious day!!

Okay, so like I posted in another topic, my total knee replacement is scheduled for Wednesday.

Today I was going out the door to go to the hospital for my preadmission work and who met me at the door but the mail carrier. . . with a certified letter from WVSOM.

My heart fell to the ground. I felt for sure that this was the letter saying I was going to be academically dismissed after the last COMLEX debacle. And I thought I really didn’t want that news right before my surgery. What a downer!

But, I went ahead and opened it and would you believe it?! The school has forgiven my last exam and will let me schedule it again at my convenience following my surgery and rehab. And I have been instructed not to take it again until I really feel ready! No pressure. They will continue my financial aid as long as I’m on the COMLEX Prep Track.

Everything’s coming up roses. And I am going to have a glorious day Wednesday getting my knee replaced under a spinal anesthesia along with a femoral nerve block. I told the anesthesiologist, after spending an hour on the phone with OMD, that I want to be awake and I want to watch. He said that as long as I don’t try to converse with the surgeon (unless he asks me a question), that it won’t be a problem.

Wow! What a beautiful day!!

Linda, I’ve been away from OPM for quite awhile, but started coming back a few weeks ago. I read some of your recent posts and heard what you were going through–and was keeping my fingers crossed for you. Now to hear that you’ve gotten this good news is just excellent! Hang in there for the knee surgery on Wednesday!

Oh, Linda, I am sooooo happy for you! As soon as I saw the thread title, and that you had originated it, I was hoping, hoping, hoping that you’d be sharing this wonderful news.

This is going to help you float through your surgery and rehab. I am thrilled.

Hugs to you!


Woo hoo!!!

This news has made my week! I am so very, very happy for you! I know you can get through the surgery, the rehab, and with the pain behind you, you can KICK COMLEX’S HAIRY BUTT!



that is wonderful news. I was hoping that you would get news like that. I am sure that your recovery will now be swift. Hey, do you think you can ask the anesthesiologist or one of the nurses to quiz you while you are on the table



Such good news!I hope you can come to the conference…please?

AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!! Yes!! Man, that is GREAT news Linda!!!

First let me thank all of you (again!) for all your encouraging words and thoughts.

Next, in answer to you, Terry, I have just completed my registration and made my hotel reservations for this year’s conference. I wouldn’t have missed it regardless of what happened. But now I am looking forward to it more than you can imagine.

And for those of you who liked last year’s OMT demonstration, or want to know more about osteopathic manipulation, if OMD thinks there’s a place for it this year I would be glad to do it again!

Linda -

I am so happy to hear your great news! I hope your surgery goes well and that your health and mental status quickly recover to the point where you can focus on studying for the next go round and excel!

Best wishes -


Congratulations Linda!

Linda, this is fantastic news! I’m just delighted for you.

Big smiles,



that’s so wonderful!!!


  • Linda Wilson Said:
First let me thank all of you (again!) for all your encouraging words and thoughts.

Next, in answer to you, Terry, I have just completed my registration and made my hotel reservations for this year's conference. I wouldn't have missed it regardless of what happened. But now I am looking forward to it more than you can imagine.

And for those of you who liked last year's OMT demonstration, or want to know more about osteopathic manipulation, if OMD thinks there's a place for it this year I would be glad to do it again!

That is phenomenal Linda! However, do not forget what you & I talked about - also emphasized by your PCP & your Dean - DO NOT re-enter the fray until you are recovered, rehabbed & your mind, body & spirit have had time to heal. You still have a long & arduous journey ahead of you & to be successful, as you & I both know you are capable, you must have your health as a foundation. Hell, that precept underwrites the tenets of osteopathic medicine...see, I do still remember & implement them.

I am very proud, relieved & supportive. If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know. Do not hesitate to call me.

So, two weeks ago today I had the privilege of receiving a Stryker triathlon total knee replacement. . . by a very fine surgeon if I may so! Anyway, it was done with a spinal anesthesia and a femoral nerve block. The anesthesiology resident had a little trouble getting my spinal anesthesia in, so they got the attending involved. It took 5 tries all together, but I was determined to have the spinal and well aware that they might have difficulty due to the scarring from my previous laminectomies as well as DDD(degenerative disc disease).

Even though I couldn’t actually see what they were doing, I was entirely awake during the whole procedure. The surgeons and assistants all wore these suits that looked like something you would see people in the CDC wearing during an epidemic. Dr. Platt told me that they had to because of the bone dust and spray from the surgery, as well as to protect the sterility of the materials being implanted. But it was worth a little bit of a laugh to see them all dressed up!

As to the surgery, you can’t imagine how it feels to see a doctor waving your leg around in the air and not feeling anything except a little jiggling in your belly. And the anesthesiology resident was wonderful! He stayed with me the whole time and continually filled me in on what was going on. I felt kind of bad for my surgeon when they were fitting the plate for the femoral portion of the knee. Every time he would go to try the fit, there would be still another osteophyte causing it not to lie quite right. He would cut that one off and it would lie good in that spot, but there would be another one pop up somewhere else.

Anyway, post op was a breeze. Absolutely no nausea or vomiting like I would have had with general anesthesia. And I actually did a little learning during both the surgery itself and the PACU period.

The next morning I was out of bed. . just to a chair, but I was at least up and moving. The next day I was walking and on Sunday, the 11th, I came home. Recovery is rough, and more than just a little painful. BUT, I can actually extend my leg to a flexion of only 2 degrees. Prior to surgery it was 10-15 degrees and I think that was part of the problem with my hips. You can’t walk around with your knee continually flexed! I am already able to flex about 90 degrees (with a good amount of pain, but still able to do it!), and the flexion will continue to increase with my therapy.

I have not yet begun my serious studying for the boards again due to the amount of pain meds I’m currently taking, BUT, as soon as I feel strong enough and the meds are out of the way, I will be hitting them harder than ever before, with a burning desire that I don’t think can be extinguished.

You can’t begin to imagine how grateful I am to WVSOM for giving me this extra chance. And, yes Dave, I will not begin to tackle it until I really am totally healed!

Thanks again to everyone.

Can’t wait to see you all at this year’s conference.

That’s excellent news, Linda! I’m glad to hear that the surgery went so well (and educationally as well, it seems, with a bit of humor ;)) and especially that you sound so … resillient after all of it!

I’m looking forward to seeing you in great form at the conference :).

Congratulations to you on your successful surgery!

I hope the rest of your recovery is just as smooth.

Best of luck in the boards!

Four weeks down, several still to go. . . but today I am starting to walk with a simple cane! No more walker, unless I have a long distance to walk!

The amazing thing to me is that since my knee replacement, my hip pain has already improved and I have much less low back pain as well. Just goes to reinforce the osteopathic philosophy of the body being a unit, huh?!

Think about it. The knee was injured, thus I was standing and walking incorrectly. . . heck, I couldn’t even straighten my leg out at night to sleep right, thus adding more strain to my lower back. I can’t tell you how good it feels to lie on my back and see the toes on both feet sticking straight up, instead of my left foot and leg being turned to the side.

Anyway, PT is going steady. . and a little rough. But the goal is to get this leg back to as close as perfect as possible. Just got back from today’s PT and I can now extend my leg almost straight (2 degrees) and flex my knee to 107 degrees. And I can actually make it through a whole cycle on pedaling a bicycle (Funny, you don’t think about how much your knee has to flex to go through the whole cycle!). It sure hurt the first time through, but each consecutive one seemed a little easier. Just makes me feel good all over . . . . even if it does hurt!!

My pain medication use is dropping regularly; mostly ibuprofen during the day and sometimes two percocet at bedtime and usually two vycodin during the night. However, I am trying something new at night. Last nite I took two vycodin early on because I had pushed my PT hard, but then at bedtime took an Ambien CR. While I woke up a couple of times during the nite due to leg pain, I was able to relieve it with ibuprofen and/or a change of position and get right back to sleep.

All this means my body feels more rested and less hung over. . . and much more ready to REALLY start spending bous coup hours with my books and CDs to get ready for COMLEX!

Thanks to everyone for the continued support. And through all of this, my message to all of you, especially if you are facing difficulties, is DON’T GIVE UP! Believe in yourself, your doctors, your support system, and, most of all, believe in your God.

See you all at this year’s conference!!