What about having a child

I’m 29, and am almost done with my pre-med requirements. I will apply in the fall for medical school. In the next 5 years or so I’d like to have a child. Is this at all feasible?
My fiance works full time, and has lots of flexibility at his job, but I want to be around when the baby is born, and I’m a huge believer in breast feeding, which means that I can’t be too far away.
Has anyone tried to have a baby during medical school? Is it do-able? Is it too much? Am I completely out of my mind?

While I have not experienced this personally, three women have joined my class after taking a year off to have children. One of them is pregnant again and will be taking another year off when this child is born.
It may be that my school is friendly towards these situations, but it is not uncommon at all here.
Also, first and second year classes are from 8-12, allowing time to spend with family

My sister had a child over x-mas break during her MS-1 year. Her classmates and faculty were very helpful (people bringing her notes, etc). She only went in that spring semester for tests. The school gave her the choice of taking an extra year, but she wanted to stay with her class.
I personally don’t know how she does it - she’s much tougher than I am. :slight_smile: But its definitely possible.

My examples are annecdotal only…I just interviewed at Wright State, & have a friend in the MS1 class. There is a mother of 3 who commutes to school 1.5 hrs (didn’t want to move the family)& does well. The rest of the class is in awe. At UCSF, where I used to work, a woman finished her Brain, Mind & Behaviour final, and as she turned it into my boss said that she’d started labour pains during the exam. She delivered the next day. She did very well in the course, & now Dr Ralston holds her up as an example so no one dares complain!
Bottom line, I think, is that you can do what you chose to do. Chose to do it well, and you will.
A warning, though–if you take one leave of absence (year off) not all schools will give you second one–so just be sure of the rules before you embark on the journey.
Check out MomMD and ask your questions there, too.
Good luck!

Well, I’ve never done anything the easy way – I was even a breech baby! (Though if I went into labour during an exam, I SO would not finish it. I’d be too busy screaming for my epidural.) So, I probably won’t try to take any time off. Maybe try to squeeze it in (out?) over a summer. We’ll see how it plays out.
Thanks for all the suggestions and stories! I love how supportive and interesting everyone here is.