What are my chances of getting in?

I am submitting my applications this week to about 20 schools across the spectrum. It’s late, yes I know. But I wanted to see what people thought my chances of getting in are.

I graduated with a BS in BioChem from UC Riverside in 1999, gpa about 3.0 with poor science scores. Got a JD from U of San Diegoin 2002, graduating cum laude (18th out of 300) with lots of awards. Worked a some top law firms for the last 7 years.

MCAT Aug 2009: got a 38Q (14 Bio, 13Phys, 11 VR)

MCAT Apr 1998: 36R (11 Bio, 14 Phys, 11 VR)

did the whole volunteering in undergrad, worked in bio lab etc.

No recent coursework.

What do you think my chances are?

PS, taking classes now at Cal State Fullerton to use on applications next year, in case I fail this year.


Good mcat but GPA is average. Classwork and lab experience is from a long time ago. On the cusp of expiring actually. A solid essay/rec’s could serve to address some of these deficiencies.

A round of post-bacc classes with great scores would substantially increase your chances (at least at better schools).

Depends on school applied to of course. UCSD has I believe a ~3.6GPA/33Q average.

I suspect you already know most of this but there it is.

Because you have not been in a science class for the last 10 years, you may be at a disadvantage. You certainly have the MCAT score but there is more to getting into medical school than just an MCAT score.

You may have to take some upper level science coursework in order to show that you can still do that upper level science work.

I agree with Gabe that if you do not get in, having some upper level science classes to show that you can handle the work will be the piece you need to round out your application. However, my guess is that if you spread your net wide enough with those 20 schools, you will get in this year. Good luck and keep us posted!!

Thanks for your comments.

What does So-so mean? 50%? 75%? 25%? 10%? 1%?

I’m applying to schools throughout the range and various geographic locations. So I hope you are right Tara. But I know I don’t have the best application out there.

And I am taking upper division bio classes now for next year, in case I don’t get a nod.

Hey Kris – check out this website – you can enter some of the schools that you applied to, together with MCAT score and GPA and it will tell you actual students interviewed and/or accepted with similar criteria.

Granted, it does not speak to how an adcom. will look at the question of recent science courses, but may give you some ideas.

Good luck!

As others have already stated - your MCAT scores are great, but your lack of recent science classes and ‘poor’ grades previously put you in a disadvantage… not mentioning applying so late in the game. In my school the interview spots have been exhausted for this year. Sometimes they would have some extra openings toward the end of the interview season, as people who already got acceptances to their top choices cancel… This might be the case in other schools. That being said… I’m not sure if applying to 20 schools is a waste of money so late in the season, or actually a good strategy that will hopefully get you in somewhere this year. You would stand far better chance with your scores and grades had you applied 2-3 months earlier.

But since your application might be already submitted… GOOD LUCK! I hope you’ll make it this year!!!


yikes, I was going to send an app to VCU too. I wonder if I should reconsider. I’m planning to hit send today.

Pamela, can you repost the link you sent? Thanks.


I wonder what your urgency in applying this late in the cycle with less than stellar grades is? Yes, your MCAT score is tremendous and outstanding, but seems to me:

  1. you’re really late in the application cycle competing against those who have solid MCAT scores AND solid GPAs

  2. you’d be better served by taking one or two or … upper level science courses and apply VERY early next year.

    Good luck to you whichever way you go - I just couldn’t stomach tossing money down the drain for apps that are late.

Sorry to disappoint you. It might be the case not only with VCU.

I totally agree with jkp2117. I think you are risking a lot of money. While you could have stand relatively good chances of getting multiple interviews if you’d applied in June, now you are competing against all those people who have already been interview and have everything going for them. You might be a a good candidate, but that late in the season you application just won’t stand out to catch their interest.

Still, I wish you good luck and I truly hope I’m wrong and it will work out for you this year… if you end up applying. After all, you only need one YES.

It’s October!!! Is AMCAS even still on?

Don’t waste your time, money, and very admirable enthusiasm this year… take a breath, spend a year performing some coursework with good grades and/or SIGNIFICANT biomedical laboratory work. Then you’ll be in awesome shape for applying SUMMER of 2010.

I greatly admire you for studying independently, with no university assistance or experience, and getting a 38 on the MCAT. You must be very sharp.

Oh well. Applications are off. Credit card has been charged. Maybe this will be the one year everyone waited to apply.

In case anyone was wondering, the reason I waited till now to send in my apps is because I wanted to know how I did on my MCATs before applying. I seriously thought I bombed that test this summer. Boy was I pleasantly surprised.

And I want to apply this year because my wife is putting a time limit on how long I can take to pursue this dream. I’m sure some of you on here can relate to that.

I get a shot this year and next year, that’s it. And the shot next year might be yanked away at any moment.

Thanks to all for the well wishes. If I get in, I’ll be sure to let you know. If I don’t, I’ll just quietly slink away.

Best wishes to everyone.

PS, I can’t take all the credit for the MCAT score. I did use Princeton Review.

Wow Kris – I’m sorry to hear about your “time limitation” – I know that many of us share the sense of urgency to get actually admitted and moving along the journey to becoming a doctor. And yes – I’m sure there are a few of us with spouses who wish we would “just be happy doing what we’re doing” and forget this whole dream…so just know that you’re not alone. My position has become that I support his goals, and expect that he will support mine – it’s not a matter of “if” I will become a doctor, but rather “when.” He can share this adventure, or not. [May sound a bit harsh, but it is what it is…]

Here is the repost of the link to that site I referenced – I’m not sure why it was removed (are we not supposed to post links to helpful websites? I’m new here, and would appreciate knowing, if that is the case.)


Hope you find it helpful! And good luck!

Check out medschoolcountdown.com. It is a new site with user-generated data about the admissions process, so you can compare your data with applicants from previous years to each school.