what are my chances?

I am writing with a typical request for advice on retaking the mcat. I scored a 26Q with 10-biology, 9-physics, 7-verbal. I know my verbal is low and I am questioning retaking the test because of that. But because I studied just about as hard as I could have I’m not sure just how much my score would improve…or maybe even drop. Plus my science scores aren’t too bad. My overall gpa is a 3.8 and my science gpa is about the same.

I have the typical shadowing, some volunteer work in hospitals, and also been a major part of an anti-tobacco campaign in the u.s. I think my biggest extracurricular is that I play soccer at a large division 1 university. Are my extracurriculars and gpa enough to possibly compensate for my mcat score? do schools look at being an athlete and will that help me in any way as well? Or should I just bite the bullet and retake the test?? although thats about the last thing i want to do…thanks so much!!

I would go ahead and apply to a wide range of schools, indicate on your AMCAS that you are retaking, and retake the MCAT.

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I am writing with a typical request for advice on retaking the mcat. I scored a 26Q with 10-biology, 9-physics, 7-verbal.


My MCAT is only 1 point higher than yours and my WS is lower. I got 27N: PS 11, BS 9 and VR 7.

I really don't want to retake this test, so I decided to apply with what I have and see what will happen. If I don't get in this year, I'll retake the MCAT again next year. I put a lot energy and time to prepare for the April exam and I know I won't be able to increase my score singnificantly before August (As you see - I was OK in sciences, and Verbal section is a big lottery for me - on my practice tests I score really high and really low). I know I might be risking losing money I'll sepnd in the application process by not retaking the exam. But on the other hand, I'm convinced that I have much more to offer than my MCAT score, and I really hope there are people out there who will see it.


ha thanks!! that’s kind of my plan as of right now too…I just don’t think i could do much better because I studied so hard the first time around. i’d rather spend the next year or two building up other parts of my application that might be more enjoyable

I would advise you not to retake since you studied hard for this test. In general, you should not retake unless you’re sure that you can significantly improve your score. Statistically, most people do not go up much from one test to the next, and some go down. Like others said, make sure to apply to a broad range of schools. I would include your state school(s), which are usually your best bet if you want to go to an allopathic school. You might also consider applying to DO schools; they seem to be more holistic in how they evaluate applicants.

Hope this helps, and best of luck to you.

Your GPA and MCAT are definitely in the range for DO schools.


Good Luck!