What chance do I have?

I am currently reevaluating my current position in life as many here I assume…
I have always been interested in a career in medicine, but the length of schooling did not appeal to me in my college days. I instead opted for a Computer Science degree from Texas A&M. I got good grades overall about 3.78 GPA. Although, some courses were taken at community college (chemistry/biology included) straight A’s in sciences. I did take one physics course, Calculus I & II, diff equations, discrete math and all CS courses at TAMU though (A’s/B’s no C’s).
Currently, I am working at a large company name withheld =). I am doing very well as a software engineer moving up quickly multiple awards and a few patents in progress. However, I am not sure this is what I want with my life after four years at work. I am 28, married with a two year old child. The layoff worries and other factors are a part of this with the current economy I will not lie. My father is actually a Pathologist, so I have some ideas of what the work is. I also will have a chance to get some good pre-education and experiences.
I really do not have an option of taking classes except community college. Is this ok? I HAVE to work at least while I am getting the pre-reqs. I would be taking the courses at night.
I am not good at standardized tests.
If I maintain A’s only taking classes and do reasonable on MCAT do I have a chance? greater than 60%/70% hopefully?
If the answers to these are yes keep reading unsure.gif
I would have to take Organic chemistry, at least one more physics(electro) (I think I may retake mechanics making it 2 physics courses).
I have taken Intro to Biology and Botany does that count as a biology for entry?
I am really concerned with what I would need for the MCAT since I have a year after taking it before I get an acceptance. It has been 6 years since my last biology class, 8 years since my Inorganic chemistry.
Knowing that I will have to work 50 hours a week, have a child, wife, and a house to maintain.
How many science classes can I realistically take in a semester?
Should I retake biology/audit a course/read on my own?
Same question, but for inorganic chem (does organic chem require a LOT of inorganic)? Am I setting myself up for failure without the basis?
Should the physics be calculus based? The last one I took was, but since the MCAT is not calculus biased does this matter?
Is a MCAT course recommended - would this fill in my gaps?
Sorry for the book, but thanks for any information

davidr, you’ve asked lots of good questions but if you think you wrote a “book” in asking, imagine how long the answers might be! Might I suggest that you read through the FAQs and just ramble through the site a bit since I think some of your questions have been addressed previously.
Then come back and maybe point out a few KEY questions that you really think haven’t been raised in the same way, and there will be lots of people anxious to answer. I am one who looooves to give long answers and even I am intimidated at the thought of what I might write if I started in on your very good questions. tongue.gif
Congratulations on the steps you’ve taken already, and welcome to OPM!

Sorry, I tend to overanalyze and get long winded sad.gif
I guess it is the anxiety/excitement already starting to come out. In the future, I will try to break it down some.

davidr, you do have a lot to consider being that you're the sole wage earner for your family. How does your wife feel about your potenial plans?.

She is actually very excited about it. I did not expect that reaction, but we will be eating peanut butter and ramen for the next few years to save up in preparation. She is willing to go back to work as well which will hopefully work out as my son will be starting school about the same time that I am.