What classes should i take my 1st semester

Hello again as i listed in my other posti am in the U.S. Army,and am planning on starting my journey to med school. I am Starting from square one. I currently have no previous college classes that i am using, and have been out of school for 6 or so years. What classes do you recomend I take the first semester to achieve optimum GPA.

Thank you

any advise would be much appreciated

Are you going to CC or University?

Have you taken a placement test?

Are you going to get your degree in science or in the arts? (If you do arts you will then need to see what core science and math classes can count towards your arts degree and what will need to be taken in addition to the required classes for the arts).

Make sure you meet with an advisor. I didn’t meet with one and I didn’t get into Math soon enough and ended up with an extra quarter.

I am trying to tell you that more information is needed. Each school is different.

Since you are just starting college for the first time, start with your basics but not overload yourself.

My first semester, I took Bio 1 with Lab and Chemistry 1 with lab.

Go at it slowly and do not take too many tough courses your first year. You need to get your study habits down. Refresh yourself on Algebra, you will need it as a Pre-reg for Chem, BIO, and Physics (Algebra Based). If the army is paying for it go to a Uni … if not, save money and go to a CC for your basics. As they said on here many times before “it is a marathon and not a sprint”

I plan to attend CC for a few years while i am still in the army and obtain my degree in the sciences my question is what starter classes should i combine that would be easier to complete and obtain a good gpa whith my army obligation hard to go to school and work full time

Get the generals out of the way. English, History, Government … and remember these two words … CLEP and DSST! Test out of as many classes as possible. I have Clep around 8 classes in the past … It is easy … except I am trying to Clep College Algebra, that is going to be tough … Here is a good website to go to … They have a forum too http://www.degreeforum.net/


If you are in CC do not take prerequisites for med school in there. Med schools love credits from 4-year-universities. By the time you get to a 4-year institution, you’ll have good study habits and will be able to ace al the sciences.

Good luck.

Thanks for the advise how does the clep tests and testing out of classes reflect upon you when apllying for med school and four year universitys

CLEP and AP courses don’t count at med school.

Ugrad depends on which university.