What constitutes a short essay?

One of my secondaries I am working on wants two “short essays”. I am going to say one page.

It is a tough one. What is the usual page of one essay (as in not short)? I mean most medical schools give a number of words. I would compare to that value and divide by 2. So if the regular essay is one page, then a short one should be 2 paragraph max of 0.5 to 2/3 of a page.

But I have no clue.

Just try to make the shortest possible piece of text that will get the point across (easier said than done).

There’s two ways I think about this.

  1. That the personal statement is considered long (assumption on my part, with no facts to back it up) so you need to write something no more than half its length (2250 characters for DO, 2650 for MD).

  2. It is a trick question, to determine if you know what an essay is. Wikipedia doesn’t know this. Keep it around 1-2 pages and it may count.

    I have no clue, however, and would honestly enjoy someoene’s knowledge-based answer

I wrote a page for my first one. So we’ll see. Most of the others have a character limit, but LMU-DCOM doesn’t.

  • PixieSanders Said:
I have no clue, however, and would honestly enjoy someoene's knowledge-based answer

No knowledge-based answer here ... but I would (personally) go shorter than the personal statement. Just my thoughts, for what they're worth.

A short essay: One long paragraph, with a thesis, supports, and a conclusion sentence. Every sentence below the topic sentence must support said topic sentence-- if not, leave it out or rephrase.