what counts as science grades?

I am curious what does Amcas count as science grades?
Do geology and biological anthropology courses count?

JD, I think that AAMC (which runs the AMCAS) has an on-line guide to this. Try www.aamc.org. Last time I checked, there was a huge .pdf file that had all kinds of detailed information about entering coursework.
My own rule of thumb when entering my grades was to be extremely conservative. I took lots of science courses in nursing school, for example, but in the upper division they were all nursing courses - e.g. “NURS 401: pathophysiology for nurses.” (I didn’t count it.) So if your bio-anthropology course is entered on the transcript as BIO 620, for example, then yeah, count it. But if it’s ANTH 620, don’t.
Is that clear as mud? Note this is entirely my extremely cautious opinion, you should definitely be able to get some guidance from the AMCAS materials on-line.
And someone who’s done AMCAS in the past year or two may be able to comment on whether they give you tutorials on-line as you’re doing the application (a la Turbo Tax?)… for example by giving you examples of courses that do and don’t count for the “BCPM.” (bio-chem-physics-math)