What counts as your undergrad gpa?

I graduated with a cum gpa of 2.68 and a csueb gpa of 2.96, sad I know. Now I know my grad school doesn’t count, but will the classes I am taking at community college count towards the overall undergrad gpa that medical schools are looking at? Advisors from 2 different post-bacc programs I am interested in suggested I take intro bio/chem and precalculus at community college before applying to the program since I have 0 science courses from undergrad. I currently have a 3.92 at the CC and plan on taking a few other intro science classes in the meantime. Do the gpa from the CC count as/towards the undergrad gpa? And if I were to get into a post-bacc and do well, do those classes count toward the overall undergrad gpa? I am trying to get a better understanding of what counts as the overall undergrad gpa because when I calculated the gpa from my undergrad, the CC classes I am taking now and the gpa from a post bacc program (let’s pretend it’s a 4.0) it comes out to a 3.5 which also isn’t the greatest.

I’m not trying to get into a top 20 school (wouldn’t that be nice) but I want to get a feel for what the chances of getting into a school are even if I receive a stellar gpa in a post-bacc program. MCAT scores obviously play a huge part and that is a whole other hurdle, but I am just concerned at the moment on the gpa aspect.

A post bacc is considered undergrad because you are taking undergrad classes. So yes that will average into your undergrad GPA. there will be a section that specifically says “PB GPA” in which adcoms can see your GPA from specifically the post bacc but will be averaged with your initial cGPA. Adcoms will want to know why you did so poorly in the beginning but as Dr Grey says, the upward trend will help tremendously. And also, yes your cc classes will be averaged in under the PB section. PB simply means courses you took that are undergrad level after you got your degree. Hope that helps!