What do i do?

I live in TX and there’s no post-bacc prg in the state or anywhere close. I am married with 2 kids, and 29yrs of age . I have a BSc in Radiology, 5 yrs now. What do I do and where do I start from?

Kemi, I’m glad you asked. Post-bacc pre-med education can be divided into “formal” and “informal” programs. In an informal program you would determine what courses you need to take to prepare for the MCAT and qualify to apply to medical schools. You also determine where you would like to take your coursework. Some students pursue a second degree, though it is definitely not necessary.

Once you know how to lay a plan you should set up a meeting with an advisor at the undergraduate institution where you want to study. Many universities have Pre-Medical Advisors on staff, and they often serve on the recommendations committee. So, it can be useful to build a relationship with your advisor and/or a faculty member who will write your recommendation when you enter the application process. If you really want to go to medical school, don’t be discouraged by a pre-med advisor who seems skeptical of your intentions or abilities initially. As you progress they usually become more supportive.

If you just aren’t sure you can handle all of the requirements of a do-it-yourself academic mapping, private consultants are available as well. You can find ads on this site and others.

Finally, while formal post-bacc programs have genuine merits and benefits, for some students they aren’t necessarily superior. Many of us have completed informal preparations. You can search these forums for myriad discussions on this topic. A post-baccalaureate program is an excellent time to take an introspective personal inventory on whether med school is really the right choice for you.

Good luck, and keep in touch.

Thanks, I greatly appreciate your response to my question. I have actually found some post-bacc prgs in TX since i posted the question and I must say that going through diff discussions on this forum has really helped me. I look forward to what the future has in stock for me.

You may also check with St Thomas university in Houston and UT Dallas for post- bacc program.

UT Dallas has a post bacc program. It took me forever to find it. I had to have someone give me the link. I asked a Dallas local med school and they said UTD was the only one around here.

http://www.utdallas.edu/pre-health/prospectiv e/pos…

I’m starting Post Bacc program at UTD this Fall '11 so if you have any questions, feel free to PM me.