What goes into 'science' GPA?

Sorry if this has been posted - I couldn’t find it in the forums.

On a post-bacc program application, I need to split out my science GPA (according to AMCAS). I think I found the definitions on the AMCAS site, but its not entirely clear to me. My specific questions surround the below - does this look right?

Economics: not included?

Psychology: not included?

Computer science: not included?

Calculus: included

The only one of those that would be included is calculus, I believe (Bio/Chem/Physics/Math - BCPM).

Thanks! I saw the BCPM definition but wasn’t positive that was the only thing they put into the ‘science’ GPA. Appreciate the response!

What if I don’t want to include any math in that average?

Thanks! This was actually helpful to me too since I was wondering the same thing.

I’m with Susan! I only want science in there! Thanks!