What goes into science GPAs?

So I’m in the process of calculating my science GPA by hand (well, by Excel) because my transcripts don’t do so for me. I wanted to know if anyone knows where AMCAS draws the line between what classes count toward your science GPA, and which ones don’t.

I assume that all my natural sciences- chemistry, physics, biology- will count.

I’m not sure if other ancillary subjects will count- calculus, computer science, etc. I also have a few oddballs which I have no idea how to interpret.

If anyone wants to give me a thumbs up/thumbs down, here’s the list of ones I’m not sure about. This is exactly as my transcripts show them.




[note that those last two refer to the same class on subsequent lines]





Computer science should be self-explanatory. Intro programming course required when I was a physics major. Calculus and psychology should also be self-explanatory.

Diabetes was an interdisciplinary course, and wasn’t really science, but wouldn’t someone look at that course title and think science? There was a decent amount of science in the class, but it wasn’t purely.

Topics: Envronmental Issues and Underwater Archaeology were actually both science classes in the biology department. HON stands for honors, as the course was crosslisted in both the biology and honors course listings. MARS stands for MARine Science, but there’s no indication of that anywhere. In kind of the opposite situation I have with Diabetes, I think they appear as sociology courses when they were actually hard sciences.

Any input is welcome. I want to make sure that when anyone else calculates my science GPA, they get the same thing I will when I fill out on AMCAS.

[This thread isn’t intended solely for my benefit. If anyone else is calculating a science GPA by hand and has questions, join it!]

Unfortunately AMCAS only considers strict BCPM coures towards the sGPA. Here’s the list with the break down: Course Breakdown

Hmm. So it seems Calculus is definitely in. Underwater archaeology and Environmental issues should be in, if they get interpreted correctly. I guess that Diabetes would be in- the whole “refer to your school’s description” jigger. Psych and Comp Sci are out. Damnit, I did well in those!

anyone know if AMCOMAS feels the same way or has an ACOMAS link on the subj?

AACOMAS includes all the sciences, but does not include math in the science GPA. Straight from the AACOMAS website: Science GPAs include

Biology/Zoology, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Other Science, and


Computer science is considered math, and therefore not calculated as part of the science GPA.

A good link to familiarize yourself with:

http://www.aacom.org/InfoFor/applicants/Do cuments/…

That is the pdf that includes that application instructions for DO schools.

  • OwenO Said:
Unfortunately AMCAS only considers strict BCPM coures towards the sGPA. Here's the list with the break down: Course Breakdown

Wondering if I can get opinions from anyone on classification based on the above link.

(1) Introduction to Marine Biology

(2) Conservation Biology

(3) Ornithology

(4) Population Biology

I'm not sure whether the above would be listed as BCPM, or as NPSC (Natural & Physical Sciences). I think that Ornithology could end up falling under Avian Sciences, Marine Biology under Oceanography, and Population/Conservation Biology both just "feel" like they belong there more than in the Biology classes list.

Then again, Conservation/Population Biology could just as easily both be lumped under Ecology, which is BCPM.

I just had to calculate my GPA’s for my school’s pre-health professions committee (to apply in June). We were told that courses that go into the science GPA have Math, Chem, Bio, or Physics in the course title (for example: Bio 100 or Phys 121). So I would try looking at what the course code is for your marine biology, etc. and see if that helps.

If you go here:

https://www.aamc.org/students/download/131 750/data…

(this is all one long URL)

Link to AMCAS Detailed Instructions (note: edit by gonnif to simplify URL use)

and page down to page 38, you will see how AMCAS wants you to categorize courses. Additionally, know that any school can ask you to justify, usually with the course syllabus, any course that doesn’t seem to “fit” in the classification that you put it. Be very careful in how you do this.