What great movies have you seen recently

iRobot was intriguing and action laced. Liked it a ton.
Spiderman 2 excellent. Didn’t think they could outdo the original, but they did.
Shrek2 made me laugh out loud. The kids only got half of it.
I thought F911 was a piece of propaganda laced as a pseudodocumentary. There were over 50 deceptions and lies in it so, whatever. I thought Garfield was better and I thought it stunk.
Looking forward to seeing Alien vs. Predator. I liked both series and will look forward to this meeting of the collosal cine-monsters.

Movies?? Only the one playing on the inside of my eyelids at night.

Nat, time to do the rental thing. even if it is via the remote control.

MOVIES! LMAO! He obviously has yet to experience the life of a resident. The closest I come to watching one is at night, part of Dillon’s wind down for bedtime ritual, is a run through one of her favorite “Baby Einstein” DVDs. She loves to sit in “Da’s” lap & watch proudly naming all of the critters & such that she knows (18mos old & well over 100 words!) whilst I struggle to remain awake.
So, no movies & way too little Wendy & Dillon time. But, I LOVE anesthesia!

Dave, knowing what was about to befall me, I saw Spiderman 2 the day before I started my intern year. It was FABULOUS. Now I don’t even know what the hell is playing. Movies? What movies??? I do hope to keep up with football season to some extent but I suspect I am being delusional.

The latest movies I’ve seen were “iRobot”, “Spiderman 2” and “Shrek 2”. I really liked them all, esp iRobot, since I’ve always liked science fiction. My kids usually pick the movies, but the last time, I put my foot down to see “iRobot” and had my 12 year old watch his sister for THEIR choice, “Yu-Gi-Oh” (barf!!)

I am a big movie fan but haven’t seen one since I started (pre-med) school FT a few weeks ago! And I’ve barely watched any TV, which is shocking. Of course, fall season hasn’t started yet. Summer movies I saw before moving to Greensboro: I, Robot, Troy, Spiderman 2, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some. I know I, Robot was the last one I saw in the theater.
I want to see The Village b/c I love the other M. Night Shylaman movies (have all 3 on DVD) but I don’t know if I’ll get the chance–maybe this weekend. Also, I did watch the Bourne Identity on DVD(the first one–not the sequel in the theaters now) last weekend with James who came to visit. I may see the sequel but probably on video.
My new routine is sleep, study, workout, eat–not necessarily in that order. That’s all I do now.

The Bourne Supremacy. I liked it. I liked the first one even more. I liked that it was sort of a character driven action movie and I thought it had really perfect pacing.
I saw Spiderman 2, which I enjoyed – much better than the first one (which I thought was terrible). Though I don’t know where they’re going to go with it now that his identity isn’t so secret anymore.
Before that, the last thing I saw was Supersize Me, which although was a little bit light for a documentary, had my jaw on the floor. I couldn’t believe the amount of damage he did to himself. I totally recommend it.

I loved ‘HERO’. It’s absolutelly excellent.
I won’t even say that it was a good movie, although it was…
it was BEAUTIFUL movie

Last night I watched half of Annie Hall. I love that movie but I couldn’t even make it to the end. I used to be a book and movie FREAK, but this whole pre-med thing has eaten away at my attention span. I don’t know if it’s guilt about not studying or working on apps, or the short-term nature of a lot of science problems vs the 2 hours for a movie. What a fool I was to go out and BUY Dr. Zhivago recently!
Also I am banned from renting movies all over Minneapolis now. I am really bad about returning the tapes so I have all these outstanding late fees. Nothing major, but they still want me to pay up before renting the next movie. Who wants to do that? I hope med schools don’t do background checks on that, although I wouldn’t be surprised. These days I just keep rewatching the ones I own. I’ve seen Office Space at least 20 times I bet.
I saw Pirates of the Carribbean recently too (the whole thing). It was great!

“Hero” is fascinating-- colorful, beautiful but politically repugnant. The most fascistic movie I’ve ever seen.

good to know someone has the same taste!!!
I’ve seen it twice in the theatre already.
And in Europe they already have it on DVD - I’m not sure if I can wait until it comes out here…I’m going to have it shipped from there

Medical Interviewer: We see that you failed to return tapes on time to Blockbuster. What does this say about your ability to be in class on time?
Pushkin: It means only that I was so busy doing Physics and Chemistry that I was too bogged down to return “Lost in Translation” on time because I did not get to watch it and it sucked anyway.
MI: Welcome to our school!!