What happened to the website yesterday?

Okay guys. Its over now, but last evening we had a hacker manage to hack into our site. No damage was done. Geoff managed to shut the site down to protect it and as far as I know, nothing happened except a few hours inconvenience.
We all owe Geoff a big thank-you for protecting our site and for getting it back up in such a timely manner!!
THANKS Geoff!!

Good job, Geoff! Also, thanks for keeping the site going on a regular basis… all too often we only notice how much we appreciate technology when it breaks.

I’d like to thank Denise as she was the one who handled a lot of the work until I could get to a computer.
Thanks Denise!!

See, we’re all one big happy family here.

Aww, shucks! Mostly I poked around with my mighty administrative power afraid to touch anything critical until I could reach Geoff by phone. We then did a phone and computer tag-team act, which I always enjoy. I just prefer it be to change something from green to blue instead of to thwart a freakin’ hacker attack.

Thanks to all for their hard work!
I will contribute by flicking boogers at the hacker. I hate hackers

Aha! Hackers = JERKS!

Thanks for taking such quick action, guys! Hackers, man. They really tick me off! Selfish little jerks!

You could all make us feel a LOT better by registering for the conference. Flyer is HERE, and registration (which was NOT compromised by the hacker at any time, because Geoff rocks) is HERE!