What I'm Doing

Okay, I know I've been missing in action for quite some time, though I've been in contact with OMD and Geoff a lot. I know I've been extremely missed from the batches of e-mails I get daily. But now that I literally have a few minutes to catch everyone up, here is what's going on OPM-wise.
I have landed a stetoscope donation from a local shop to be donated to the raffle. It's a Litman, I'm told. I haven't yet picked it up but I will. The place wants a receipt for it, too.
I'm hitting up some Pfizer reps about having the company advertise on OPM. I don't know if that breaks some rules or not, and I haven't asked them yet, so please let me know. Also the Pfizer guys are going to get hit up for some coffee mugs and pens and pads and post-its as give-aways for the convention.
I'm hitting up another local business for some sort of hardware. Please let me know ASAP what you think would be a nice, doctorly thing to have. An otoscope or what?
A yet-to-be-determined cash donation from Jennifer's boss.
That's what I'm up to right now. I have a few other surprises that I'm working on as well.
Please let me know about the advertising and such. j

Your beloved hero,

Sounds like you've been busy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY too, by the way…

Hey Ash,
I’ve been wondering where you were. I almost posted an APB for you the other day. Happy birthday (belated, I guess!). smile.gif