What Independance day is

I heard on Sean Hannity’s show and on Fox News a NYC man on the street segment that made me want to look at the voting rights act and see if IQ could be possibly interpreted as a quantifier to vote. Here were the questions and a few answers.
Q: Who is the Vice President?
A: Al Gore, No answer, That Black Lady that looks pretty (one can only assume he means Condi Rice of NSA), and I have no Idea.
Q: Who fought the Revolutionary War?
A: Us, France, Spain, Germany and Canada (some guy from Ga…go figure), is this a trick question?, I have no idea, ask my son.
Q: Name one of the first 5 presidents of the US?
A: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, (nobody got Madison or Jefferson).
Q: What is the Declaration of Independance and who was it declaration of independance from?
A: The Constitution (some guy from Vermont no less), It gave us our freedoms & it was from France, We fought against London, I have no idea, and my all time favorite "It let the Indians go free didn’t it?"
I feel weak now…time to shuffle off to bed.
Happy 15th of August everyone…it means about as much as the 4th of July to most Americans so why not…

Well actually the document was drafted with the July 4th date but it wasn’t signed until August 2nd so your happy August 15th was pretty close!
Maybe these people can be given this site to do a little reading to bring them up to speed.